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Renovate Robotics develops robots for the installation of roof tiles

Roofing is quite time-consuming and dangerous, but a mandatory type of work during the construction or repair of houses. Renovate Robotics company creates robotic systems designed directly for laying tiles, including bitumen and solar.

Last week, the startup announced pre-financing of $2.5 million, which is led by Alley Robotics Ventures and in which HAX, Newlab, Uphonest Capital and Climate Capital participate.

"We like to support ambitious founders solving really important problems," Alley managing partner Abe Murray said in a statement. "The Renovate solution will reduce the risk of roofing work and eventually open the way to the introduction of solar tiles on a large scale."

"During my time at SOSV, I saw from the inside how many technology startups go through steep turning points, and the ones that I was always most drawn to were climate-oriented," says Dylan Crowe, who moved from HAX to Renovate to the position of chief operating Officer. "All of these companies had a vision that was fundamentally disruptive, and I see the same thing in where we're going at Renovate Robotics. I have great faith in co-founder Andy as an engineer and leader who can bring us to market."

Crowe is now listed as a co-founder of the company. The original co-founder, Andy Stulk, is a mechanical engineer who brought 12 years of experience in robotics to Renovate.

The company's robot works on the basis of a winch. The robot is attached to the roof and moves along its surface along the X and Y axes, laying tiles as it moves. Renovate is planning several ways to monetize the technology while improving the system.

"We will work directly with the roofing contractors and initially help them do the work as a subcontractor," says Crowe. - This is a common relationship in the construction industry. Then we will move on to the RaaS model, where we will lease our robots to trained contractors who will be able to operate the system on site themselves."

Currently, the system requires an operator to monitor the progress of work and replace the roof tiles. "There will always be several workers on site to set up, monitor and upload material," adds Crowe. - Our plans now do not include remote monitoring. However, we will collect and store this data, which will later be integrated into other sets of functions, for example, installation confirmation for insurance companies."

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