DHL Expands Partnership with Locus Robotics

DHL, a global leader in logistics, has announced plans to significantly expand its partnership with Locus Robotics, a pioneer in warehouse automation. By the year 2022, DHL aims to deploy 2,000 Locus Robotics units across its warehouses, marking a substantial increase from their current deployment. This strategic move comes as interest in automation reaches new heights amid the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

The partnership between DHL and Locus Robotics began in 2021, with the companies jointly piloting robotics solutions to enhance warehouse operations. With the pandemic accelerating the need for contactless and efficient logistics solutions, the adoption of robotics in warehouses has become imperative. By incorporating robots into their workflow, DHL can ensure continuous operations while minimizing the risk of infection transmission among workers.

Already, more than 500 Locus Robotics units are operational in DHL warehouses across the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. By the end of 2021, an additional 500 robots will be deployed across more than 20 locations, underscoring the effectiveness and reliability of joint picking technology in modern DHL facilities.

LocusBots, the robotic workforce developed by Locus Robotics, revolutionize warehouse operations by minimizing unproductive worker walking time and eliminating the need for manual cart transportation. These autonomous robots navigate to pick locations and interact seamlessly with human workers, requiring virtually no specialized training. The intuitive user interface of LocusBots adapts to workers' preferred languages, maximizing picking speed and ensuring near-perfect order accuracy.

The integration of Locus Robotics into DHL warehouses exemplifies the synergy between human workers and robotic automation, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity. As DHL continues to embrace innovative solutions to meet evolving logistical challenges, the expansion of their partnership with Locus Robotics signals a commitment to driving the future of warehousing forward.

Feel free to explore the seamless collaboration between DHL and Locus Robotics and discover the transformative potential of robotic automation in modern logistics operations.

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