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A prototype of Saronic’s Spyglass

Saronic, a company focused on autonomous surface vessels, has raised $55 million in Series A funding to accelerate R&D and manufacturing capacity.

The round was led by Caffeinated Capital and included several top VC firms. It demonstrates Saronic's commitment to addressing critical maritime capability gaps through attributable autonomous platforms.

Saronic is developing two vessels - Spyglass and Cutlass. Both are under 13 feet long, can operate without communication or GPS, and carry diverse sensor payloads. A third larger vessel, Corsair, is also planned.

The agile vessels enable real-time collaborative autonomous decision-making for maritime missions. Their attributable design offers scalability and low lifecycle costs.

Saronic worked closely with the Navy to align the vessel capabilities to mission requirements. They are prioritizing software, autonomy, and rapid production/deployment over conventional shipbuilding approaches.

The funding validates Saronic's vision of reshaping naval autonomy with a cohesive small vessel strategy. Their solutions aim to counter emerging threats more adaptively than the current fleet.

Autonomous surface vessels have vast potential to enhance maritime operations while reducing risks and costs. Saronic's specialized focus and close Navy partnership spotlight their leadership in this transformative space.

The capital infusion will fuel Saronic's continued growth into an autonomy powerhouse serving critical naval needs. Their initial traction highlights the appetite for smarter autonomous systems at sea.

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