Yandex Market's new warehouse robot

Yandex Market has unveiled its latest warehouse robot Dilectus, capable of lifting 35kg loads and transporting up to 9 boxes simultaneously. Dilectus streamlines operations by autonomously moving goods from storage to picking areas where workers assemble orders.

Equipped with a grabbing mechanism, Dilectus can retrieve boxes from shelving depths, maximizing storage density. Combined with two existing Yandex robots for inventory and heavy loads, Dilectus advances the company's goods-to-person warehouse automation approach.

By automating repetitive manual work, Dilectus enables employees to focus on higher-value order fulfillment tasks in one place as robots deliver required items. This boosts productivity and job satisfaction while reducing costs.

Initially tested at Yandex's robotics center, Dilectus is now being trialed in a live darkstore before deployment at Yandex's large Sofyin warehouse near Moscow. The rollout will continue optimizing processes as Yandex progresses toward fully automated order fulfillment.

As a Yandex Market spokesperson explained, developing in-house robotics reduces warehouse expenses and frees workers from mundane jobs replaceable by machines. Employees can in turn upskill for more engaging roles enhanced by robot teammates.

Dilectus represents the next phase in this workforce augmentation strategy, leveraging automation to unlock human potential. By incrementally introducing robots like Dilectus, Yandex continues leading the fulfillment industry's evolution.

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