Celera Motion Launches Denali Series: Ultra-Compact Servo Drives for Robotics Applications

Celera Motion Launches Denali Series: Ultra-Compact Servo Drives for Robotics Applications

Celera Motion, an award-winning business unit of Novanta Inc., introduces the Denali Series, the company's smallest servo drives to date. These compact, ultra-fast servo drives are specifically designed for a range of applications, including service robots, surgical robots, industrial grippers, and lab automation. Denali, part of Celera Motion's Ingenia servo drives lineup, offers premium performance and includes features tailored for the advanced robotic market segment.

"Robotics is a very competitive market, evolving rapidly and requiring best-in-class servo drive technology," said Marc Vila, Business Director for Servo Drives at Celera Motion. "Application-focused servo drives like Denali, where we have included features specifically required for the advanced robotic market segment, dramatically help engineers to accelerate their designs, be more competitive and keep the focus on their core business."

The Denali Series features an enhanced hardware architecture and optimized power management, with a minimum standby power consumption as low as 1.2 W. These servo drives operate in the 250 W power range and are well-suited for surgical robotics, end-effectors, haptic devices, small joints, and other compact robotics applications.

The Denali Series offers two versions:

Denali XCR: This miniature, ready-to-use version facilitates quick installation and system commissioning.

Denali NET: This ultra-compact, high-power density version features a pluggable design, making it optimal for a carrier board with single or multi-axis integration.

Both versions support EtherCAT and CANopen communication protocols, which are specially optimized for demanding multi-axis applications. Denali's EtherCAT support offers bus latency as low as 1 cycle, improving the cost-efficiency of embedding multiple axes into a single PCB.

Key Features of the Denali Series include:

- Compact and miniature design, weighing only 8g, making them the world's smallest servo drives.
- Dual loop support for unparalleled precision.
- Extremely fast servo loops for smooth operation.
- PWM frequency of up to 150 kHz for low inductance motors.
- High efficiency and low standby power consumption, achieving up to 99% efficiency.
The Denali Series is cost-optimized for distributed-centralized multi-axis configurations, providing versatility and flexibility for various robotic applications. Additionally, the series offers versions that support multiple safety features, making it ideal for high-performance robotic applications where safety is paramount.

The Denali Series is the latest addition to Celera Motion's esteemed lineup of servo drives, which includes the Capitan Series and the Everest S Series, further solidifying the company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the robotics industry.

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