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SHENZHEN, China, 2024 – Shenzhen Reeman Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (Reeman), a leading developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), is enabling factories to achieve more flexible, efficient, and intelligent manufacturing and warehousing. With its lineup of innovative robots purpose-built for various industrial environments, Reeman provides comprehensive automation solutions to help enterprises digitally transform.

Founded in 2015 and recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise in 2018 and 2021, Reeman possesses over 200 independent intellectual property rights related to artificial intelligence and robotics. Its diverse AMR offerings now serve clients in over 150 countries spanning applications from commercial services to food delivery.

Committed to advancing intelligent robotics through continuous R&D, Reeman helps automate repetitive and dangerous jobs to boost productivity, quality, and safety. Its AMRs leverage built-in sensors and navigation to autonomously perceive surroundings and self-navigate factory floors.

Reeman Co-founder Xia Tian said: “Compared to inflexible AGVs requiring infrastructure changes, our intelligent securely and efficiently automate material transport and handling. By introducing our AMRs, manufacturers can achieve round-the-clock optimized production freeing workers for higher-value tasks.”

Specific customer benefits include:

  • Increased productivity and reduced costs via 24/7 precise automated distribution
  • Enhanced quality control by minimizing human errors in production workflows
  • Improved job safety and ergonomics enabling redeployment of personnel
  • Higher manufacturing adaptability responding faster to changing demands
  • Optimized material flows and inventory management slashing warehouse costs

“Reeman helps enterprises leverage intelligent robots to relieve laborers and boost competitiveness,” Xia continued. “Our commitment to pioneering innovations addresses real-world automation needs across industries.”

With exponential growth predicted for the global AMR market size reaching US$15 billion by 2030, Reeman stands ready to enable more manufacturing leaders to seize opportunities emerging from Industry 4.0 trends. A new purpose-built factory currently boosts Reeman’s capacity to supply its expanding roster of international customers.

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