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Shield AI on a Hiring Spree: AI and Autonomous Systems Powerhouse Seeks Top Talent

Breaking News: Shield AI Inc., a leading American developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems, is on a hiring spree! The company is actively seeking talented individuals to fill dozens of positions across its San Diego, Dallas, and Washington D.C. locations. This presents a significant Jobs, Careers, Employment opportunity for professionals passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology.

Engineering Powerhouse:

Shield AI's hiring surge focuses heavily on engineering talent. In San Diego, the company seeks experts across various disciplines, including:

  • Software Engineers specializing in C++ Network Communications, Principal roles in Behavior Planning and Software Integration, and Senior Staff Engineers in areas like State Estimation and APIs.
  • Engineering Managers to lead teams in Hivemind Foundations, Task Planning, and State Estimation.

Beyond Engineering:

While engineering forms the backbone of Shield AI's growth, the company also seeks talent in other areas:

  • Management: Director of Electrical Engineering and Technical Program Managers are needed to oversee crucial projects.
  • Operations: Positions like V-BAT Air Vehicle Operator and Aviation Maintenance Manager ensure smooth day-to-day operations of Shield AI's innovative technologies.

Dallas and D.C.: Innovation Hubs:

The Openings in Dallas and Washington D.C. reflect Shield AI's diverse focus. Dallas has a strong emphasis on Avionics and Aerodynamics, with positions for Senior Staff RF Engineers, Staff Engineers specializing in GNC (Guidance, Navigation & Controls), and Mechanical Design Engineers across various domains.

The Washington D.C. office seeks top talent for Autonomy development, with openings for Senior Engineers, Staff Engineers, and a Technical Director. Additionally, Senior Software Engineers with expertise in DevEx and Software Quality are crucial to support Shield AI's mission-critical projects.

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In San Diego:

C++ Software Engineer, Network Communications (R2513);

Director of Engineering, Hivemind Foundations (R2542);

Engineering Manager, State Estimation (Sensor Fusion/PNT) (R2367);

Engineering Manager, Task Planning (R2424);

Principal Engineer, Behavior Planning (R2582);

Principal Full-stack Software Engineer (R2515);

Principal Software Engineer, APIs and Infrastructure (R2549);

Principal Software Engineer, Architecture and Integration (R2562);

Principal Software Engineer, Frontend/Full Stack (R2552);

Principal Software Engineer, Software Integration (R2514);

Senior Autonomy Software Test Engineer (R2421);

Senior Engineer, Autonomy Integration (R2419-2420);

Senior Engineering Manager, C++ (R2516);

Senior Software Engineer, DevEx (R2518);

Senior Staff Engineer, Simulation Software (R2554);

Senior Staff Engineer, State Estimation (Sensor Fusion/PNT) (R2443);

Senior Staff Software Engineer, APIs and Infrastructure (R2549);

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Frontend/Full Stack (R2552);

Senior Staff Software Engineer, State Estimation (Sensor Fusion/PNT) (R2415);

Software Engineer, Embedded Firmware (R2520);

Software Engineer, Task Group (R2428);

Staff Engineer, DevOps (R2541);

Staff Engineer, Systems Test (R2418);

Staff Mechanical Test Engineer, Avionics (R2519);

Staff Software Engineer (R2429);

Staff Software Engineer, Foundations Test (R2531);

Staff Software Engineer, Mapping (R2425);

Manager, Technical Program Management (R2564);

Senior Thermal Engineer, Avionics (R2567);

Director of Electrical Engineering;

Software Systems Engineer (R2435);

Systems Engineer (R2435).

For Intern:

DevEx Engineering Intern - Summer 2024 (R2561).

In Dallas:

Manager, Embedded Avionics Software Engineering (R2398);

Mechanical Test Engineer II, Aerostructures (R2477);

Quality Engineering Technician - Temporary (R2548);

Senior Engineer, Mission Systems;

Senior Engineering Manager - Aerodynamics & Performance (R2204);

Senior Software Engineer, DevEx (R2518);

Senior Staff RF Engineer (R2319);

Senior Staff Software Engineer - Test (R2422);

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Integration (R2444);

Staff Engineer, Aircraft Systems Test (R2529);

Staff Engineer, GNC (R2480);

Staff Mechanical Test Engineer, Aerostructures (R2477);

Staff Software Engineer - Test - Temporary (R2474);

Staff Software Engineer, Embedded Applications (R2521);

Staff Software Engineer, Embedded Firmware (R2524);

V-BAT Air Vehicle Operator;

Program Finance Manager (R2589);

Sr. Manager, Program Finance (R2543);

Technical Recruiter;

V-BAT Operations Officer;

Aerodynamics & Performance Engineer (R2586);

Aviation Fleet Engineer;

Aviation Maintenance Manager (R2581);

Guidance, Navigation & Controls Engineer (R2576);

RF Engineer;

Senior Mechanical Technician, Propulsion (R2566);

Sr. RF Engineer (R2319);

Staff Subcontracts Management (R2557);

Technical Program Manager (R2565);

Composite Manufacturing Tooling Engineer;

Electrical Engineer (R2395);

Mechanical Design Engineer II, Propulsion (R2517);

Mechanical Design Engineer, Aerostructures;

Mechanical Design Engineer, Ground Systems;

Mission Systems Engineer;

Senior Electrical Engineer (R2259);

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Ground Systems (R2569);

Staff Electrical Engineer, EMI (R2319);

Staff Mechanical Design Engineer, Aerostructures (R2417);

Staff Mechanical Design Engineer, Propulsion (R2517).

In Washington D.C.:

Senior Engineer, Autonomy (R2528);

Senior Engineering Manager, Hivemind Solutions Test (R2553);

Senior Software Engineer, DevEx (R2518);

Senior Staff Engineer, Autonomy (R2464);

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Software Quality (R2427);

Software Engineer, C++ (R2580);

Sr Staff Software Engineer, C++ (R2469);

Technical Director, Autonomy (R2476).

Why Join Shield AI?

Working at Shield AI offers more than just a job; it's a chance to be at the forefront of AI and autonomous systems development. The company fosters a collaborative work environment where individuals can contribute to real-world applications of groundbreaking technology. This is an ideal opportunity for those who thrive in a fast-paced and innovative setting, with the chance to make a tangible impact on the future.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can find a complete list of Job listings and apply directly on Shield AI's careers website. With this significant hiring push, Shield AI presents a compelling opportunity for talented individuals seeking to make a real difference in the field of AI and autonomous systems.

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