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Skydio ending consumer drone sales

Skydio has announced they are halting consumer drone sales to prioritize their enterprise and public sector business. Four years after launching the pioneering Skydio 2, the company will focus fully on professional applications leveraging their autonomous flight capabilities.

Though no longer selling new consumer drones, Skydio will continue supporting existing customers with software updates, warranty repairs and replacement components. The Skydio 2 was renowned for advanced autonomous navigation unrivaled by consumer rivals.

Earlier in 2022, Skydio raised $230 million in Series E funding, bringing total capital to $562 million. Their drones now serve every branch of the US military, over half of state transportation departments, 200 public safety agencies, and 60+ energy utilities.

In 2021, Skydio became the first US drone unicorn after a $170 million Series D round. The company expanded staff 40% since and opened a 10X larger Hayward, California production facility, aiming to add 150 more manufacturing jobs.

By focusing solely on enterprise and defense customers, Skydio aims to maximize real-world impact of its category-defining autonomy. While early customers benefited from Skydio's consumer drones, mission-critical government and corporate applications represent the biggest opportunity.

As consumer drone pioneer DJI faces growing data security concerns, Skydio's pivot also capitalizes on demand for trusted American drone suppliers. With strong financial footing, Skydio is positioning itself to lead a drone autonomy revolution across public service domains.

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