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Skydio Raises $230M: Leading Drone Tech for Enterprises

In a landmark achievement, Skydio announces a staggering $230 million in funding, bolstering its position as a pioneer in autonomous drone technology for enterprises. This substantial investment comes on the heels of a monumental year, during which Skydio witnessed a meteoric rise in its enterprise customer base, surpassing 1,200 organizations within just three years of entering the enterprise and public sector market.

Skydio drones have cemented their presence across various sectors, including every branch of the U.S. Department of Defense, over half of all U.S. State Departments of Transportation, more than 200 public safety agencies spanning 47 states, and across 60+ energy utilities. Amidst regulatory challenges and concerns surrounding competitor DJI, Skydio emerges as the preferred choice, facilitating critical tasks and enhancing situational awareness in high-stakes scenarios.

With its cutting-edge autonomy technology, Skydio proudly claims the mantle of the largest drone manufacturer in the United States, serving enterprises across a myriad of industries. The recent Series E funding round, totaling $230 million, catapults Skydio's total funding raised to an impressive $562 million, with a valuation exceeding $2.2 billion. Linse Capital spearheaded the funding round, with support from prominent investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Next47, IVP, and NVIDIA, among others. New investors, including Hercules Capital and Axon, underscore the industry's confidence in Skydio's innovative solutions.

Adam Bry, co-founder and CEO of Skydio, underscores the transformative potential of drones in core industries, revolutionizing operations with enhanced safety and efficiency. The introduction of Skydio Dock and Skydio Dock Lite, coupled with Remote Ops software, marks a significant leap towards fully autonomous drone operations. Furthermore, Skydio's Regulatory Services pave the way for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights, facilitating seamless drone operations even in remote environments.

Skydio's exponential growth, highlighted by a 30-fold increase over the past three years, positions it as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America. The company's commitment to innovation is exemplified by its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hayward, California, boasting a 10-fold capacity expansion. With plans to add over 150 manufacturing jobs across its U.S. locations, Skydio is poised to meet the burgeoning demand and serve its expanding global clientele.

Bastiaan Janmat, Managing Director of Linse Capital, lauds Skydio's pioneering efforts in drone technology, emphasizing its invaluable contributions to critical infrastructure maintenance and public safety. Henrik Kuhl, SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development at Axon, echoes the sentiment, recognizing Skydio's pivotal role in enhancing visibility and communication for first responders.

As Skydio continues to redefine the possibilities of drone technology, its unwavering commitment to innovation and safety sets the stage for a future where autonomous drones play a central role in shaping industries and safeguarding communities.

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