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Skydio improves aerial imaging with uncooled thermal camera drone payload

Drone maker Skydio has equipped its new Skydio X10 enterprise drone with a customized thermal imaging camera from Teledyne FLIR, unlocking powerful new inspection capabilities. Unveiled at Skydio's Ascend Conference on September 20th, the collaboration with Teledyne FLIR's Thermal program integrates their cutting-edge Boson+ thermal module into Skydio's flagship drone.

The Skydio X10 is the first drone to feature the radiometric Boson+ camera, providing high-resolution thermal video and stills. The lightweight, SWaP-optimized module is tailored to drones for aerial inspection and situational awareness. Its integration enables the X10 platform to serve critical industries like public safety, energy, and defense.

Skydio recently pivoted to focus solely on enterprise customers needing accurate aerial data to make time-sensitive decisions. The X10's thermal imaging payload delivers the actionable insights these users require. According to Skydio CTO Abe Bachrach, the Boson+ struck the right balance of performance and capability for their professional pilots.

For Teledyne FLIR, the collaboration highlights their Thermal program's goal of empowering partners to build innovative thermal products. FLIR VP Dan Walker said, "We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together. Skydio customers will soon have access to the most effective uncrewed thermal imaging capabilities created for a drone of this size and mission.”

The X10 drone is the first showcase of the Boson+ camera's potential. Its rugged design can withstand tough conditions for long flights, while providing high-fidelity thermal video streamed securely to the operator. By leveraging Teledyne FLIR's latest technology, Skydio aims to deliver a superior inspection tool its professional users can rely on to carry out critical work safely, accurately and efficiently.

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