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The snake robot was developed in Russia.

The Moscow Aviation Institute has developed a snake robot that is able to search for people under the rubble. This was reported by the press service of the university.

According to the university, the device was developed by a fifth-year student of the Institute of Robotics Mikhail Dolzhansky. The snake robot is a 50 cm "snake" that can be controlled remotely.

"Due to its small size, the robot can even penetrate into hard-to-reach places under the rubble, which cannot be examined by other methods. The device differs from existing analogs by the presence of two cameras - in the head and tail parts - and the ability to move freely both forward and backward, which helps he will not get stuck in a confined space, "- said in the message.

The snake robot can also be controlled using a wire. And this robots can be hired by rangers for the rescue operations.

"This function can be used if the signal does not pass well between reinforced concrete structures and remote control is difficult," Dolzhansky said.

The developer plans to improve the signal reception and transmission system by 2023, to refine the design to increase maneuverability and maneuverability for commercial using this type of robots. So you can hire the robot-snake or buy this robot type after the upgrading it by the researchers.

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