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Exoskeleton that allows you to run faster

Researchers developed an exoskeleton suit that augments running speed, according to a small study. Athletes could potentially use it for training, but injury risks require consideration.

Previous exoskeletons focused on efficiency, but this 4.4kg suit uses leg motors and cables to provide powered assistance taking strides. Sensors enable real-time gait synchronization.

In tests, non-professional runners covered 200m sprints nearly 1 second faster on average when wearing the exosuit compared to unassisted. Statistical analysis confirmed the improvement's significance.

A lighter 2.5kg version is also being evaluated for professional athlete training. One sprinter who trained with it improved even without the exosuit on, suggesting mental/muscular memory benefits.

The exosuit helps users feel and engage the correct muscles to run faster through mechanically enabled biofeedback. This could engrain improved form.

However, reliance on external assistance may lead to loss of natural strength and injury risks. As with any performance enhancement, ethical concerns around fairness also exist.

If exosuits get approved in competition, progression will likely mirror controversies over advanced swimsuits improving times until regulation limited their technological edge.

For now, cautious and restrictive use as a training tool seems the prudent path to balance performance gains with health and integrity. Tight regulation will be needed as capabilities advance.

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