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Stryker updates Mako surgical robot

...introduces joint replacement offering!
Medical device titan Stryker continues charging ahead with new innovations in joint replacement surgeries, including major updates to its fast-growing Mako SmartRobotics platform. This week at the prominent American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) conference, Stryker is showcasing its latest advancements spanning cutting-edge surgical planning software to next-generation knee and hip implants.


The announcements highlight Stryker’s drive to simplify complex joint procedures while improving patient outcomes through smart technologies - increasingly powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning alongside robotics.


Enhancing Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeries

Stryker’s headline updates focus on recently acquired subsidiary Mako Surgical, whose robotic arm-assisted technology transforms knee and hip replacement surgeries. Surgeons use interactive 3D modeling and analytics to precisely plan then carry out procedures, minimizing complications and speeding recovery.

Key new functionalities previewed at AAOS include the myMako app harnessing Apple’s advanced AR/VR headset and iPhone. It lets surgeons easily visualize patient scans and digital surgical plans anytime, supporting real-time collaboration with referring doctors. myMako underscores Mako’s future capabilities as Stryker continues aggressively developing the platform.

Just last year, Stryker suggested major Mako expansions into spine and shoulder procedures starting in 2024 after successes cementing knee and hip replacements. New releases also simplify conversions of traditional knee operations to Mako robot-assisted and introduce technologies eliminating radiation exposure for certain hip patients.

Combined with Stryker’s AI-based clinical decision tools, Mako unlocks more predictive, individualized joint care pathways. The updates cement Stryker’s position as an industry leader converging digitally-enhanced implants with next-gen surgical robotics.


Innovative Implants Address Complex Patient Needs

Alongside strengthening its high-tech surgery ecosystem, Stryker unveiled implants meeting specific challenges. Its Triathlon Hinge Knee System tackles complex revision surgeries, building on the Triathlon Revision Baseplate’s versatility through modular components.

Triathlon Hinge accommodates multiple intraoperative and postoperative options via a streamlined workflow - critical for addressing unique bone or tissue impairments per patient. For tricky revision knee procedures, it promises enhanced simplicity, efficiency, and responsiveness.


Cementing Leadership Across Joint Reconstruction

“Our goal has been to simplify revision, and we are excited to see how this innovation will impact our surgeons and how it will help their patients,” remarked Stryker executive Lisa Kloes while unveiling Triathlon Hinge. Her statement encapsulates Stryker’s enduring focus: leveraging technology to markedly improve joint replacement outcomes despite difficult cases.

Between the new implant and major bumps to its AI-enhanced Mako SmartRobotics line spanning knee, hip, and soon spine procedures, Stryker continues cementing leadership in the booming joint reconstruction space. Its ability solving complex surgical challenges via both innovation pipelines signals strong futures for Stryker and patients alike.

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