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CORI Surgical Robot: Next-Gen Knee Platform

Introducing CORI, the revolutionary surgical robotic system developed by Smith & Nephew in London, UK, set to redefine knee arthroplasty with its cutting-edge technology and modular design. As a next-generation robotics platform, CORI brings unparalleled precision and customization to orthopedic services, offering a portable solution for both single-chamber and total knee procedures.

At the heart of the CORI system lies its modular design, allowing for scalability across various orthopedic services. This flexibility ensures that surgeons can tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of each patient, delivering personalized care and optimal outcomes.

Powered by the ATRACSYS fusionTrack 500, CORI utilizes state-of-the-art camera technology to detect and track fiducials with millimeter precision. By triangulating the three-dimensional position of each fiducial point, CORI creates a precise computerized model of the patient's knee, enabling the creation of a customized surgical plan tailored to the patient's individual anatomy and movement patterns.

During surgery, the CORI system guides the surgeon with unparalleled accuracy, calculating the correct implant size and providing real-time feedback on the removal of bone material. This precision ensures that only the damaged areas of the knee joint are addressed, preserving healthy bone and ligaments, including the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), for a more natural feel and function post-surgery.

Renowned surgeon Jimmy Chow, MD, hails the CORI system for its transformative impact on knee surgery, stating, "Rather than having a bulky device move your hand during surgery, CORI allows you to perform the procedure while it corrects for you. This keeps the surgeon in check and makes everything more elegant."

With its innovative Real Intelligence Ecosystem, Smith & Nephew places the surgeon at the forefront of patient care, integrating hardware, software, and data solutions to enhance decision-making both inside and outside the operating room.

For patients, CORI offers the option of One-Piece Knee Replacement, a minimally invasive procedure that involves placing the implant on only one side of the knee joint. This approach reduces pain, shortens recovery time, and minimizes the risk of complications, while providing greater functionality and range of motion compared to traditional total knee replacement techniques.

Innovation meets precision with CORI, setting new standards in knee arthroplasty and transforming the future of orthopedic surgery.

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