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RoboTire installs another system with Discount Tire

RoboTire, a robotics company that automates tire changing, has installed another system with Discount Tire. This is the company’s second installation with Discount Tire, this time at a store in Arlington, Texas. 

Tire changing can be a dull and strenuous job, with lots of repeated lifting of tires. RoboTire’s system can change four tires on passenger vehicles in 25 minutes using a set of four robotic arms. Two smaller arms work to remove and later screw back on the lug nuts of the tires, while two larger arms lift the tires off the cars and put new ones on. 

“We’re thrilled to bring our innovative technology to a second Discount Tire location,” Victor Darolfi, CEO of RoboTire, said. “We’re committed to partnering with leading tire shops, improving the customer experience, and providing the best possible service.”

RoboTire’s first installation with Discount Tire, announced in August 2022, was in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The company has also installed its system at a Creamery Tire in a north Philadelphia suburb. RoboTire hopes to install more systems in the coming months. 

“Discount Tire is excited to have RoboTire’s technology installed in another one of our stores,” Christian Roe, chief revenue officer at Discount Tire, said. “The system will help our experts continue to provide the best service and experience to our customers.”

Discount Tire is an investor in RoboTire, and participated in the company’s $7.5 million Series A round that closed in October 2021. With its over 1,100 stores, RoboTire still has plenty of opportunities to work with Discount Tire in the future. Other investors included Automotive Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners and 640 Oxford Ventures.

RoboTire was founded in 2018, and is based in Plymouth, Michigan. The company’s CEO Victor Darolfi was recently a guest on The Robot Report Podcast, where he discussed the technology, the solution and the market for automated tire-changing solutions.

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