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TGW Logistics launches RovoFlex picking robot and PickCenter software

TGW Logistics, a major supplier of automated material handling systems, has launched a new high-speed picking robot called RovoFlex. Powered by an intelligent camera system and AI-based optimization, the versatile robot aims to address labor shortages and fluctuating inventory needs with over 1,000 picks per hour across diverse products.


"With the PickCenter RovoFlex, TGW has developed an innovation that learns with every gripping operation and optimizes itself continuously thanks to artificial intelligence," explained TGW CTO Christoph Wolkerstorfer. "High productivity, variety of applications, and low space requirements make RovoFlex a game changer."

The Austria-based firm touts quick ROI within 30 months under a two-shift operation. RovoFlex seamlessly integrates with TGW's modular PickCenter workstations for manual and automated hybrid picking workflows. This allows ad-hoc switching between human and robot pickers to accommodate peaks.

Pre-programmed with common retail items, the nimble bot "learns" novel products on the fly to continuously improve over time. It can handle the spectrum from fragile groceries to sharp industrial parts without issue.

TGW notes limited programming expertise has hindered past automation attempts. But turnkey integration in just days combined with adaptive picking intelligence aims to make RovoFlex readily accessible for warehouses of all sizes and verticals.

The launch comes as surging e-commerce strains facilities facing acute labor shortfalls, forcing many to consider robotics. But high costs and complexity frequently deter small-to-midsize players. TGW envisions affordable, plug-and-play robots like RovoFlex tipping the scales towards mass adoption.

With shipments of picking robots expected to skyrocket from 2,000 units in 2022 to over 50,000 by 2030, the Austrian giant has placed an early bet to lead that booming market. By easing integration, the company could propel robotics into far more warehouses desperately seeking to bolster strained output.

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