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Path Robotics: Revolutionizing Welding with Autonomous Robot Workers

Path Robotics, a startup based in Columbus, Ohio, has successfully closed its $56 million investment round B, bringing the total amount of funding received by the company to $71 million. The funding was led by the Addition Fund, with participation from Drive Capital, Basis Set, and Lemnos Lab.

The company is releasing "the world's first truly autonomous welding systems," a claim that has attracted significant attention from investors. According to the investors, Path Robotics is leading American industry into the future with its innovative approach to welding.

Path Robotics is currently the only company in the world offering turnkey robotic welding systems capable of performing autonomous welding. The machine, with the help of computer vision, can recognize almost any detail and tune in to work with it. It independently determines where the welding seam is required and carefully lays it, eliminating the need for constant reprogramming and adjustment to imperfect details.

Andrew Launsberry, CEO of Path Robotics, says that the goal of the company is to change the current state of industrial robotics. "Modern industrial robotics has very little ability to understand the environment and the challenge it faces. Most robots simply repeat what they are told and cannot improve themselves. Our goal is to change that. The future of the industry depends on high-performance robotics."

The company's robotic system is designed for use in industrial environments for working with materials with high reflectivity. Path Robotics created the product in response to a growing shortage of experienced welders. Fewer people in the United States are choosing this profession, and the average age of professionals is steadily growing. At the same time, the demand for welders rises by 3% annually, which, according to the company's forecasts, will lead to a shortage of 400 thousand qualified specialists by 2024.

This is a typical example of an area where robots are really in their place, according to the 3 D principle. The work of welders just falls into the category of Dull, Dirty, Dangerous (stupid, dirty, dangerous) on all three points. No wonder so few people want to do it. Here, the Luddites and opponents of automation, who fear that robots will take away people's jobs, have nothing to hide.

Path Robotics is revolutionizing the welding industry with its autonomous robot workers. By hiring a robot for autonomous welding, companies can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and address the growing shortage of experienced welders. Join the future of welding with Path Robotics.

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