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Techman Robot presents TM AI Cobot TM25S at iREX 2023

Taiwan robotics leader Techman Robot has unveiled the TM25S collaborative robot at Tokyo's iREX 2023 expo this week. Packing a 25kg payload in a compact 1900mm reach, the TM25S advance's Techman's cobot lineup with integrated vision and AI for adaptable automation.

Augmenting strength and speed over previous generations, the TM25S allows faster cycle times on tasks like pick-and-place and high-mix packaging. Techman also highlights boosted precision and accuracy down to 0.03mm repeatability.

Central to flexibility is the TM25S's embedded 3D smart camera and NVIDIA Isaac-compatibility. By perceiving objects in changing contexts, the cobot can tackle mixed-case palletizing requiring adjustment between varied boxes.

The Isaac platform also enables intuitive programming through digital twin simulations that optimize tasks. By capturing environmental data for cloud-based synthetic training, cobots replicate motions in the real world faster.

Techman suggests streamlined deployment reduces programming time by 70% compared to conventional methods while cutting cycle speeds 20%. This next-generation cobot simplification looks set to widen advanced automation access.

Beyond the TM25S, numerous collaboration exhibits at iREX reflect Techman's ethos of interoperability and pushing cobot potential. The integrated vendor ecosystem on display builds a compelling case around its cobots as flexible automation centerpieces.

Now counting among the globe's top cobot brands with 100+ distributors, Techman leverages hometown OEM expertise for unmatched quality and support sustaining quality-driven sectors. The feature-packed TM25S reaffirms their commitment to driving innovation ensuring automation leadership.

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