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Empower Your Robotics Projects: Explore MATLAB for UR Cobots!

Explore the dynamic synergy between MathWorks and Universal Robots through the UR+ program, offering an extensive ecosystem of certified products tailored to seamlessly integrate with Universal Robots' collaborative robot arms (UR cobots). As a frontrunner in mathematical computing software, MathWorks brings its renowned MATLAB platform into the UR+ fold, enabling robotics engineers to unlock unparalleled capabilities in designing, simulating, testing, and deploying robotics applications.

MATLAB, a versatile programming and numeric computing environment, empowers engineers to tackle specialized or intricate cobot applications that may pose challenges when programmed using conventional methods. With MATLAB's robust suite of software tools and algorithms, engineers can delve into advanced domains such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, optimization, sensor fusion, and advanced signal processing, elevating the performance and efficiency of UR cobots.

The synergy between MATLAB and Universal Robots opens doors to enhanced AI capabilities, empowering cobots to navigate dynamically changing workspaces with precision and agility. MATLAB's compatibility with the entire e- and CB-series of Universal Robots ensures seamless integration, offering engineers unparalleled flexibility and scalability in their robotics endeavors.

With MATLAB's offline programming and simulation capabilities, robotics engineers can streamline cobot deployment and minimize downtime by programming and testing applications remotely before implementation on-site. Leveraging MATLAB Coder and Simulink Coder, engineers can effortlessly deploy robotic algorithms and AI models directly onto embedded targets, accelerating the pace of innovation in automation workflows.

Dominic Viens, Director of Design Automation Marketing at MathWorks, highlights the transformative impact of this collaboration, stating, "With Universal Robots' market leadership and MATLAB and Simulink's ability to accelerate innovation, integrators and end-users can now tackle more complex automation workflows with ease. The UR hardware support package streamlines the development of advanced cobot applications, enabling small and medium-sized manufacturers to embrace cutting-edge technologies cost-effectively."

In addition to its collaboration with MathWorks, Universal Robots recently forged a partnership with Rapid Robotics, supplying cobot arms for workcells across North America. Rapid Robotics' integration with UR cobots offers expanded functionalities, including palletizing, box building, packing, and tasks requiring heavier payloads or longer reach, further enhancing the versatility and applicability of UR cobots.

As a subsidiary of Teradyne, a leading automatic test equipment designer and manufacturer, Universal Robots continues to redefine the landscape of robotics with innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. In 2022, Teradyne's robotics group, spearheaded by Universal Robots, recorded impressive revenues, reflecting the growing demand for collaborative robotics solutions in the automation sector.

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