Outrider Launches Trailer Inventory Management System for Logistics Yards!

Outrider, a leading robotics company specializing in automating yard operations for logistics hubs, has unveiled its groundbreaking trailer inventory management system for distribution yards. Integrated seamlessly into the Outrider System, this innovative application provides unparalleled real-time tracking capabilities for semi-autonomous trailers and containers within logistics yards.

The introduction of this cutting-edge feature revolutionizes yard operations for large enterprises reliant on logistics, empowering them with invaluable insights into asset locations and freight movements. By leveraging technology already deployed on Outrider's autonomous electric yard trucks, the inventory management application offers seamless tracking of parked trailers during routine operations or dedicated functions.

Traditional data collection methods in yard operations are notoriously cumbersome, error-prone, and quickly outdated, leading to frequent shipping delays. Typically, manual patrols by employees, either on foot or in vehicles, are required to update trailer locations in dock spots, parking areas, and storage zones.

Andrew Smith, Founder and CEO of Outrider, emphasizes the transformative impact of the new technology: "Misplaced trailers, containers, and chassis are a universal pain point in yard operations. Our trailer inventory solution addresses this challenge head-on, providing much-needed visibility and insight to maximize productivity and yard throughput."

Outrider's autonomous yard trucks utilize advanced sensors and proprietary vision algorithms powered by deep learning to identify vacant or occupied parking spots and capture essential trailer information, including identification numbers, standard carrier alpha codes (SCAC codes), and various trailer characteristics.

Central to Outrider's solution is its cloud-based management software, which facilitates seamless trailer inventory management, empowering yard dispatchers, warehouse operators, and transportation managers to make informed decisions and enhance overall efficiency. Real-time inventory data is seamlessly shared with customers' existing warehouse, yard, or transportation systems through Outrider's application programming interface (API).

Earlier this year, Outrider secured $73 million in funding for its autonomous yard truck system, bringing its total funding to date to an impressive $191 million. This significant investment underscores the industry's confidence in Outrider's innovative solutions and its commitment to transforming logistics yard operations.

The Outrider System comprises three integrated components: management software, autonomous vehicles, and site infrastructure. In addition to its cutting-edge tracking technology, the system enables autonomous hitching and unhitching from trailers, robotic connection and disconnection of trailer brake lines, safe interaction with loading docks, and centralized management and monitoring of all system functions.

In summary, Outrider's trailer inventory management system represents a game-changing advancement in logistics yard operations, offering unmatched visibility, efficiency, and control. By harnessing the power of automation and real-time tracking, Outrider is reshaping the future of logistics and driving industry-wide innovation.

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