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Twinny and Hankook Engineering Works to jointly develop autonomous robots

South Korean robotics firms Twinny and Hankook Engineering Works have formed a strategic partnership to jointly develop and produce autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for expanding logistics and commercial markets. The companies will leverage respective specializations to strengthen AMR supply chains domestically and abroad.

As Twinny focuses on autonomous navigation software and Hankook commands industrial machinery networks, the synergistic cooperation aims to accelerate innovative product design, manufacturing and deployment. Hankook brings over four decades of factory automation experience to facilitate scaled AMR output utilizing Twinny's navigation technologies.

Beyond core self-driving platforms, the partners envision tailored solutions integrating smart manipulation and goods-to-person systems for flexible material transport across sectors. Initial targets include production plants, warehouses and mixed commercial sites needing upgraded automation.

Twinny co-founder Hong-seok Cheon suggests the alliance fortifies innovation pipelines while substantially increasing market visibility and product availability within robotics-thirsty industries. Hankook CEO Dong-hwan Moon similarly foresees channel proliferation tapping latent global demand.

With Twinny providing leading-edge autonomous mobility codes and Hankook contributing production legacy and integration mastery, the duo is positioned to revamp domestic and international goods mobility. As global shipments swell, smart wheeled assistants promise unprecedented supply chain harmony and responsiveness.

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