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Uber Eats Plans to Scale Food Delivery using Robots in North America

Serve Robotics, in collaboration with Uber, is ushering in a new era of autonomous food delivery with its fleet of wheeled robots. Over the past year, these robots have been serving customers in the Los Angeles area, delivering takeaway food and groceries with remarkable efficiency. Now, Serve Robotics has announced plans to expand its operations, deploying up to 2,000 Uber Eats bots in cities across North America.

The pilot project in Los Angeles has garnered significant traction, with over 200 restaurants participating and tens of thousands of deliveries completed since Serve's inception in 2017. This success has paved the way for Serve Robotics to embark on a larger-scale deployment, bringing autonomous food delivery to new cities in the USA and Canada.

As part of the expansion, Serve Robotics is collaborating with industry partners and municipal authorities to ensure seamless integration into urban environments. San Jose, Vancouver, and Dallas are among the cities being considered for the deployment of these innovative delivery robots.

Each four-wheeled robot boasts impressive capabilities, operating autonomously on sidewalks with no human intervention required. Powered by advanced AI technology, these robots can navigate cities with precision, identifying obstacles, pedestrians, and vehicles to ensure safe and efficient delivery operations.

Ali Kashani, co-founder and CEO of Serve Robotics, explains that these robots operate at the fourth level of autonomy, where human intervention is unnecessary in predefined areas. This level of autonomy is made possible by sophisticated AI capabilities that enable the robots to make informed decisions about route optimization, hazard detection, and collision avoidance.

The expansion of Serve Robotics is slated to occur primarily in 2024, with the first wave of robots expected to hit the streets in the fourth quarter of this year. Each robot is equipped with a long-lasting battery that enables day-long operation, carrying payloads of up to 23 kg at speeds of up to 11 km/h.

It's worth noting that the cargo compartments of these robots are securely locked and can only be accessed by corporate customers or individuals who have placed orders through the designated mobile application. This ensures the safety and integrity of the deliveries, providing customers with peace of mind.

As Serve Robotics prepares to scale its operations and revolutionize the food delivery landscape, the future looks promising for autonomous delivery technology. With its commitment to innovation and efficiency, Serve Robotics is poised to redefine the way food is delivered, one robot at a time.

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