A Chinese underwater robot has completed an expedition to explore the seabed in the Arctic.

The Tansuo 4500 underwater robot, developed by the Shenyang Institute of Automation at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has completed a research mission in an ice-covered high-latitude zone in the Arctic, Xinhua reported.

The Tansuo 4500 underwater robot helped scientists obtain important statistics needed to continuously deepen their research and understanding of geological processes and the cyclic nature of energy and matter exchange in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Due to the high density of sea ice in the area of the Arctic scientific expedition, the researchers had to develop an innovative technology. The underwater robot can handle the difficulties caused by the rapid movement of ice and easily returns to land even over a confined sea area.

The Tanso 4500 robot, close to the bottom, has been able to collect high-resolution multi beam, hydrodynamic and aeromagnetic datasets that will form the basis of the advanced measurement technology required for scientific exploration of deep Arctic waters.Robotics for Everyone! Jobs for Robots! Robots Jobs! Work for Robots! Robots at Work! Hire a Robot! Rent Robots! Robots for Hire! Robots for Lease! Lease Robots! Robots for Rent! Robots for sale!

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