Marlin-350: Uninhabited Underwater Robots for Minesweeping

In an effort to bolster minesweeping capabilities, the Russian fleet is set to deploy Marlin-350 uninhabited underwater vehicles. These advanced robots will play a crucial role in the search for and destruction of sea mines, significantly enhancing naval defense strategies.

The utilization of underwater robots in minesweeping operations offers several advantages, including the avoidance of unnecessary risks and the acceleration of search and neutralization processes. As a result, many countries have already integrated or are planning to incorporate these robotic systems into their military arsenals. For instance, the Royal Navy of Great Britain employs surface minesweeper robots, while the United States is developing various anti-mine systems for coastal warships, such as the MCM USV robotic boat and the underwater Knifefish.

Developed by Tethys Pro, the Marlin-350 uninhabited vehicle is specifically designed for underwater reconnaissance and inspection missions, capable of operating at depths of up to 350 meters. With dimensions of 84x59x37 centimeters and weighing 50 kilograms, the Marlin-350 boasts impressive maneuverability, cruising at speeds of around five kilometers per hour.

Equipped with advanced technology, including six thrusters and optional features like sonar systems, video cameras, and communication equipment, these robots provide invaluable support to naval operations. Adopted by the Russian Navy in 2015, the Marlin-350 will be deployed across all four fleets - the Northern, Pacific, Black Sea, and Baltic fleets - to detect and neutralize mines effectively.

The decision to arm minesweepers with underwater robots follows successful demining operations conducted last summer, where Marlin-350-equipped vessels located and destroyed approximately 20 anchor and bottom magnetic mines. Furthermore, these versatile underwater robots are not limited to sea mines and can also be utilized for landmine clearance, exemplified by the MV-4 sapper robot assisting the South Korean military in demilitarized zone operations.

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