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Unitree H1 - The ultimate universal humanoid robot

In the ever-evolving landscape of robotics, one innovation stands poised to shatter boundaries and redefine what's possible – the Unitree H1. Developed by the pioneering minds at Unitree Robotics, this full-size, general-purpose humanoid robot represents a monumental leap forward, combining unprecedented power, speed, and agility to revolutionize the field of humanoid robotics worldwide.


Unparalleled Power and Maneuverability

At the core of the Unitree H1 lies an advanced powertrain that delivers extraordinary mobility and versatility. Engineered with a stable gait and highly adaptive movement capabilities, this remarkable robot can autonomously navigate complex terrains and environments with ease, whether walking or running at speeds up to an astonishing 3.3 m/s – a world record among humanoid robots.


The H1 truly embodies the essence of a universal humanoid robot, born to tackle challenges head-on and push the boundaries of what's possible in robotics.


360° Depth Perception for Unmatched Environmental Awareness

To complement its unrivaled mobility, the Unitree H1 is equipped with a sophisticated fusion of 3D LiDAR and depth cameras, enabling real-time acquisition of high-precision spatial data. This panoramic scanning prowess empowers the robot with unmatched environmental awareness, ensuring optimal performance in any setting, from intricate indoor environments to rugged outdoor terrains.


A Pioneering Feat in Chinese Robotics

As the first full-size, general-purpose humanoid robot developed in China, the Unitree H1 represents a significant milestone in the nation's robotics industry. Its groundbreaking design and capabilities position it as a frontrunner in the global humanoid robotics market, showcasing the innovative spirit and technological prowess of Chinese engineering.


Unprecedented Specifications and Performance

The Unitree H1 boasts an impressive array of specifications that solidify its status as the highest-performing humanoid robot on the market:


Body Size: Height of approximately 180 cm and weight of around 47 kg.

Peak Torque Density: An astonishing 189 N.m/kg, providing unmatched power and agility.

Mobility: A top speed of 3.3 m/s (world record) and a potential mobility exceeding 5 m/s.

Endurance: A high-capacity 864 Wh battery that is quickly replaceable, ensuring extended operation.

Maximum Joint Torque: A remarkable 360 N.m, enabling precise and powerful movements.


Unleashing the Future of Robotics

The Unitree H1 represents a paradigm shift in the world of robotics, offering unparalleled capabilities that open up a vast array of potential applications across various industries. From manufacturing and logistics to search and rescue operations, construction, and beyond, this universal humanoid robot stands ready to revolutionize the way we approach and solve complex challenges.


Experience the future of robotics with the Unitree H1 – a universal humanoid robot that redefines what's possible, setting new standards for power, versatility, and innovation. Prepare to witness the dawn of a new era, where the boundaries of robotics are pushed further than ever before.

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