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Uber Partners with Motional and Nuro for Robotaxi Services in Los Angeles

Uber and Motional have joined forces to launch a robotaxi service in Los Angeles, California. The 10-year agreement between the two companies will also see Motional cars carrying both passengers and delivering goods for Uber and its Uber Eats division. The introduction of these services was delayed due to regulatory control and the complexity of commercial implementation of autonomous vehicle control technology. However, with the partnership between Uber and Motional, the future of autonomous transportation is looking brighter.

In the first days of the launch, Uber does not plan to charge for driving an unmanned taxi, as this will be considered a test of the new feature. However, in the future, a separate tariff will be developed for such trips. Currently, car management is carried out by operators, but by 2023 taxis will become completely unmanned.

In addition to the partnership with Motional, Uber has also signed a 10-year agreement with the Nuro startup specializing in unmanned technologies. As part of the agreement, Uber will use Nuro autonomous vehicles for trips in California and Texas.

The use of robot workers and autonomous vehicles is becoming increasingly popular in various industries, including transportation. With the partnership between Uber, Motional, and Nuro, the future of robotaxi services is looking promising. The introduction of autonomous delivery for Uber Eats will also revolutionize the food delivery industry, making it more efficient and convenient for customers.

If you're looking to hire a robot worker or explore robot job opportunities, the transportation industry is a great place to start. With the growing demand for autonomous vehicles, there are numerous opportunities for robot workers and those interested in robot jobs.

In conclusion, the partnership between Uber, Motional, and Nuro is a significant step towards the future of autonomous transportation. With the introduction of robotaxi services and autonomous delivery for Uber Eats, customers can expect a more convenient and efficient transportation experience. The use of robot workers and autonomous vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, and the transportation industry is a great place to explore robot job opportunities.

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