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Unitree B2 - the unstoppable quadruped robot

In the ever-evolving realm of industrial robotics, one name stands as a symbol of unparalleled performance, adaptability, and sheer technological prowess – the Unitree B2. Engineered to push boundaries and redefine what's possible, this unstoppable quadruped robot is purpose-built to conquer the most demanding environments with exceptional terrain adaptability, ensuring stable travel across even the most treacherous surfaces.



The Fastest Running Industrial Quadruped 

Blazing trails at an astonishing speed of 6m/s, the Unitree B2 stakes its claim as the fastest running industrial-grade quadruped robot on the market. This all-terrain marvel leaves competitors in its wake, setting new benchmarks for speed and agility in industrial operations.


Redefining Stair Climbing Capabilities 

The B2 has revolutionized the art of stair climbing, tackling steps with unwavering stability and balance. Its excellent sustained stair-climbing capabilities allow it to effortlessly ascend and descend stairs as if they were flat surfaces, making it an invaluable asset in multi-story facilities and construction sites.


Extreme Performance, Unmatched Flexibility 

Boasting a remarkable 170% increase in joint performance with an impressive 360 N.m of torque, the B2 delivers extreme performance and unmatched flexibility. This unrivaled power translates to superior stability and maneuverability, empowering the robot to excel in the most challenging industrial operations, from heavy lifting to intricate maneuvering.


Obstacle Conquering Prowess 

With its remarkable obstacle-crossing ability, the B2 navigates through the most cluttered environments with ease. Whether it's navigating through piles of wood, debris, or traversing 40cm high platforms, this robot tackles obstacles head-on, ensuring seamless operations in even the most demanding settings.


Unmatched Endurance and Payload Capacity 

The Unitree B2 sets new benchmarks with a 100% increase in sustained load capacity, allowing it to carry payloads greater than 40kg for extended periods. Additionally, its 200% increase in endurance enables continuous walking with a 20kg load for over 4 hours and a mind-boggling 15km mileage, or unloaded continuous walking for more than 5 hours and 20km, making it the epitome of endurance in industrial robotics.


Versatile Mobility Solutions 

The innovative structural design of the B2 enables seamless switching between legged and wheeled forms (optional), providing unmatched versatility for diverse applications. Furthermore, its plug-in battery system supports quick changes and autonomous charging solutions (optional), ensuring uninterrupted operations across a wide range of scenarios.


Unleash the Ultimate Industrial Powerhouse 

With its exceptional specifications, the Unitree B2 stands as the ultimate industrial powerhouse:

Maximum Running Speed: Over 6m/s

Maximum Joint Torque: Approximately 360N.m

Longest Jump Distance: Over 1.6m

Ultra-Long: Standing load of 120kg max, continuous walking load greater than 40kg

Maximum Walking Capacity: Obstacle crossing up to 40cm, slope angle over 45°

Ultra-Long Endurance: Continuous walking without load for over 5 hours/20km, or with a 20kg load for over 4 hours/15km

Robust Protection: IP67 ingress protection rating


Experience the future of industrial robotics with the Unitree B2 – an unstoppable quadruped that redefines performance, endurance, and adaptability, empowering you to go beyond the limits and conquer the most demanding industrial challenges with unrivaled prowess.

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