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VolgaRobot conference in Russia

The annual VolgaRobot conference recently convened robotics developers and integrators from cities across Russia in Samara. Hosted by Dobot distributor Tesvel, the event spanned two days of technology demonstrations, networking, and presentations.

On day one at the Tesvel facility, attendees inspected and tested robotic systems firsthand. The second day featured a riverboat cruise enabling further discussions and relationship building. Dobot Sales Director Elizaveta Shuya overviewed the company's collaborative robots and new offerings.

Integrators and universities also presented robotic solutions for shipbuilding surface preparation, protective coatings, 3D printing, computer vision integration, remote support, dynamic weighing, conveyors, and food industry automation.

Tesvel has organized VolgaRobot since 2019 to connect Russia's industrial and cobot community. According to Director Sergey Morshansky, the conference fosters a professional ecosystem of robotic technology companies. He noted that exchanging experiences and demonstrating new solutions holds special value, even sparking potential collaborations this year.

Bringing together key players across Russian robotics, VolgaRobot provides an ideal forum to share insights, forge partnerships, and preview the latest innovations. Attendees can directly engage new equipment and systems in addition to gaining knowledge.

As Russia pursues increased manufacturing automation, events like VolgaRobot will prove critical to advancing development and adoption. They allow key stakeholders to regularly connect and explore synergies while raising overall industry exposure.

With robotics poised for massive growth in Russia and globally, VolgaRobot represents an important platform. By gathering companies and experts from across the field, Tesvel helps progress Russia's automation future and foster an ecosystem for new technology.

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