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Whisker Labs Sparks Hiring Surge

The fight against electrical fires just got a boost thanks to Whisker Labs, Inc., an American company leading the charge in smart home fire prevention. Whisker Labs' innovative technology detects electrical hazards before they spark, offering families and communities peace of mind. To fuel their growth and reach more homes, Whisker Labs is actively hiring talented individuals across two key locations: Auburn Hills, Michigan, and Juneau, Wisconsin.

From the heart of the engineering hub in Auburn Hills to the skilled workforce in Juneau, Whisker Labs offers a diverse range of opportunities for passionate individuals who want to make a difference in home safety. Here's a breakdown of some key openings:

Auburn Hills, Michigan (Innovation Hub):

  • Engineering Powerhouse: Whisker Labs seeks top talent with positions like Electrical Systems Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, and Software Architect. These roles will be at the forefront of developing and refining Whisker Labs' cutting-edge fire prevention technology.
  • Leadership & Management: Ensure smooth operations and project execution with Director of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Program Management positions.
  • Product Development: Bring the next generation of fire safety solutions to life with roles like Lead Engineer - New Robot and Mechanical Engineer.
  • Quality & Production: Maintaining high standards is crucial. Whisker Labs seeks a Prototype Technician, Firmware QA Engineer, and a Program Manager to ensure quality and efficiency in production.
  • The Future of Innovation: Nurture the next generation of talent with a Mechanical / Industrial Design Intern position.

Juneau, Wisconsin (Manufacturing & Quality Control):

  • Production & Assembly: Whisker Labs seeks Robot Assemblers (First and Second Shift) to meticulously assemble their life-saving devices.
  • Logistics & Quality: Ensure smooth warehouse operations with a Warehouse and Distribution Supervisor (Second Shift). A Quality Engineer is also needed to maintain high quality standards.
  • Keeping it Running: A Maintenance Specialist role ensures everything runs smoothly on the production line.

Why join Whisker Labs?

This is more than just a job; it's a chance to be part of a company making a real difference in people's lives. You'll work with innovative technologies alongside a passionate team dedicated to preventing devastating fires. The locations in Auburn Hills and Juneau offer unique work environments, catering to both those who thrive in an innovation hub and those who value a skilled manufacturing community.

What skills and experience are they looking for?

Whisker Labs seeks individuals with relevant experience and a strong work ethic. A passion for safety, technology, and innovation is a plus. The company values strong communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

If you're a talented individual looking to make a real impact in the fight against home fires, then Whisker Labs might be your perfect career match. With diverse open positions across Michigan and Wisconsin, this is the perfect time to join the Whisker Labs team and help them create a safer future for everyone.

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