PULS acquires Wiferion’s wireless charging business

Power supply company PULS has acquired Wiferion, a wireless charging solutions provider, from Tesla. Tesla originally acquired Wiferion in June 2023 but the terms were undisclosed.

Wiferion is one of few companies offering wireless charging for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and electric forklifts. Tesla's intentions were unclear, but now Wiferion's engineering team will remain with Tesla while PULS acquires the business side.

PULS will continue manufacturing, marketing, and supporting Wiferion's products worldwide. They will retain all existing contracts, trademarks, patents, and the sales/marketing teams. The Wiferion business will become PULS's new Wireless division based in Germany.

Former Wiferion CSO Julian Seume believes PULS's engineering expertise and global operations will strengthen support and enable new product development. Wiferion production will likely shift to PULS's own facilities in Czechoslovakia and China for cost savings.

PULS and Wiferion share synergies in power electronics. Wireless power transfer, where energy crosses an air gap between coils, is an emerging technology and this acquisition positions PULS to lead there.

Wiferion's current product line will continue under their brand name for now. This deal enables PULS to acquire an off-the-shelf wireless charging solution while Wiferion benefits from PULS's scale and experience.

For Tesla, it seems Wiferion's core value was the engineering talent rather than the commercial products. They gain wireless power expertise to boost their EV charging and other capabilities.

The transaction provides an efficient transfer of promising technology between companies seeking to advance wireless power in different ways. Wiferion's customers gain the backing of an established power supply leader in PULS.

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