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Free your hands, save your time, and revolutionize your workforce.Jiangsu Jitri IIMT (IIMT), a leading high-tech enterprise based in Nanjing, China, is your trusted partner for all things intelligent automation.We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you hire robot workers and create jobs for robots that handle the repetitive, dangerous, or time-consuming tasks currently burdening your human employees.Beyond the Robots: A Full Spectrum of Expertise.Innovation at the Forefront.At IIMT, innovation is at the core of everything we do.With over 368 patents filed, we are dedicated to: Core robot component localization: We develop our own brushless torque motors and magnetic encoders, reducing robot costs and increasing accessibility.Human-machine integration: We create safer, smarter workplaces where robots complement and enhance human capabilities.A Commitment to Excellence.IIMT is your reliable partner for intelligent automation solutions.We are committed to providing: Exceptional customer service: Our team offers a 2-hour response time, 24-hour on-site arrival, and 72-hour problem-solving to ensure your robots are always up and running.Global reach: We export our solutions to North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Eastern Asia.A proven track record: With over 20+ worldwide sales networks, 170+ high-level talent teams, and 180+ successful intelligent transformation projects, we have the expertise to help you achieve your automation goals.Ready to unlock the power of intelligent automation?Contact IIMT today and let our robots work for you!

Contact IIMT today and let our robots work for you!

Type of works - Committed to production efficiency improvement and human-robot integration Make production & human life more intelligent
Phone number - +86 400 608 0040
Country - China
E-mail - marketing@iimt.org.cn


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Revolutionize your operations with cutting-edge robotics technology from Jiangsu Jitri IIMT (IIMT), a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions. Hire robot workers to handle repetitive, dangerous, or time-consuming tasks, freeing up your human workforce for higher-value activities. Unleash the Power of Collaborative Robots (Cobots). IIMT's cobots, designed for seamless human-robot collaboration, empower your workforce to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. Our cobots offer: Unmatched Dexterity and Precision: Handle delicate tasks with precision and finesse, mimicking human movements. Enhanced Safety: Collaborate safely alongside human workers, equipped with advanced safety sensors and collision avoidance technology. Unparalleled Versatility: Adapt to a wide range of tasks, from assembly and machine tending to material handling and product inspection. Harness the Efficiency of Service Robots. IIMT's service robots streamline operations, enhance safety, and improve hygiene across diverse industries. Our service robots deliver: Unwavering Reliability: Perform tasks tirelessly and consistently, ensuring 24/7 operation. Unmatched Efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up human workers for more strategic endeavors. Enhanced Safety: Eliminate risks associated with hazardous or strenuous tasks, promoting a safer work environment. IIMT: Your Intelligent Automation Partner. With a dedication to innovation and a proven track record of success, IIMT is your trusted partner for intelligent automation solutions. We provide: Customized Solutions: Tailored robotics solutions to meet your specific needs and challenges. Expert Support: Our team of engineers and automation specialists is here to guide you every step of the way. Unwavering Commitment: We are committed to providing safe, high-quality robotics solutions that transform your operations. Embrace the Future of Automation with IIMT.