Salary / price 13100 $
About the robot
Robot name Collaborative Robot IIMT-CR10
Employment type Full-time employees
Load capacity
The speed of movement
Energy consumption
Working hours
The warranty period

Relocatable robot

*Payment terms, contracts, shipping/logistics, insurance details, etc. are provided upon request.

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$ 13100 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 13100 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 13100 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 13200 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 13200 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 15380 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 13800 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 7830 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 9500 Transaction Price Open to relocation


The IIMT-CR-10 is a powerful and versatile 6-axis collaborative robot arm designed to elevate your automation processes.Here's a detailed look at its specifications:

General Specifications

  • Model No: IIMT-CR-10
  • Payload Capacity: 10 kg (ideal for handling heavy parts and materials)
  • Working Radius: 900 mm (extensive reach for diverse applications)
  • Robot Weight: 20.4 kg (lightweight for its payload capacity)

Performance Specifications

  • Speed:
    • Joint Speed: 180 degrees/second (fast and efficient movement)
    • Tool Tip Speed: 1.5 m/s (precise and high-performance operation)
  • Repeatability: ±0.03 mm (exceptional accuracy for consistent results - ISO 9283 standard)
  • Collision Sensitivity: 30 N (advanced safety feature for human-robot collaboration)
  • Collision Response Time: ≤ 0.1 seconds (immediate response for enhanced safety)
  • Rated Power: 300 W (energy-efficient operation)

Programming & Control

  • User-Friendly Programming Options:
    • Graphical Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for intuitive programming
    • Large 12-Inch Touch Screen for easy interaction
    • TCP/IP Script Programming for advanced users
    • C/C++ Programming Language for complete control
  • Safety Certifications: Compliant with EN ISO 13849-1:2008 PLd (ensuring 5 levels of safety configurations)

Mechanical Specifications

  • Axis Range: ±180° (extensive range of motion for versatility)
  • Degrees of Freedom (DOF): 6 (capable of complex movements)
  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy and ABS Plastic (lightweight yet durable construction)

Communication & I/O

  • Communication Interface: TCP/IP 100 Mbit (reliable and seamless communication)
  • I/O Ports:
    • 16 Digital Input Ports
    • 13 Digital Output Ports
    • 4 Analog Input Ports (extensive connectivity for various sensors and devices)

Environmental Specifications

  • Cabinet Dimensions: 400 mm × 210 mm × 500 mm (compact design for space-saving integration)
  • IP Classification: IP54 (resistant to dust and water ingress for reliable operation in most environments)
  • Ambient Humidity: 25-80% (non-condensing)
  • Operating Temperature: 5°C - 50°C (wide operating range for various applications)
  • Power Input: 20 VAC, 50 Hz (standard power requirements)


IIMT-CR-10: Your Powerful 10kg Payload Collaborative Robot Worker.

Supercharge your operations with the IIMT-CR-10, a heavy-duty 10kg payload collaborative robot (cobot) designed to hire robot workers and tackle demanding tasks in your automation environment. Create jobs for robots that free up your human workforce for higher-value activities and unlock a new level of efficiency with the IIMT-CR-10.

Unmatched Strength and Reach.

The IIMT-CR-10 boasts an industry-leading 10kg payload capacity and an impressive 900mm working radius, making it ideal for a wide range of heavy-duty applications, including:

  • Material handling of large and bulky parts.
  • Machine tending for industrial equipment.
  • Palletizing and depalletizing heavy goods.
  • Metalworking and fabrication processes.
  • Automotive component assembly.

Seamless Human-Robot Collaboration.

The IIMT-CR-10 is designed for safe and easy collaboration with human workers. Its advanced safety features include:

  • Collision sensitivity (30N).
  • Collision response time (≤ 0.1s).
  • 5 security configurations according to EN ISO 13849-1:2008 PLD.

Effortless Programming for Everyone.

The IIMT-CR-10 offers a range of programming options to suit your needs:

  • Graphical human-machine interface for intuitive programming.
  • 12-inch touchscreen for easy interaction.
  • TCP/IP script programming for advanced users.
  • C/C++ programming language for complete control.

Built for Endurance and Reliability

The IIMT-CR-10 is constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, ensuring durability in your production environment. Its IP54 rating protects against dust and water ingress, while its wide operating temperature range (5°C - 50°C) allows for use in various settings.

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Automation

Contact IIMT today and learn how the IIMT-CR-10 cobot can transform your operations. Let our robots work for you and experience the benefits of intelligent automation:

  • Increased productivity with industry-leading payload capacity.
  • Improved efficiency through extensive reach.
  • Enhanced safety for human workers.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Consistent quality control in heavy-duty applications.

The IIMT-CR-10: Your gateway to a stronger, more automated future.