Salary / price 19999 $
About the robot
Robot name LuckiBot Pro
Employment type Full-time employees
Load capacity
The speed of movement
Energy consumption
Working hours
The warranty period

Relocatable robot

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$ 19999 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 19999 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 13500 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 19999 Transaction Price Open to relocation


LuckiBot Pro - AI Delivery Robot.


The Endless Abilities of the Robot Worker LuckiBot Pro:

LuckiBot Pro's unique 240-Degree 3D all-around obstacle recognition & Depth Camera, perfect ground perception positioning, and navigation enable it to adapt to more scenarios as a versatile robot worker.  

Immersive Human-Robot Interaction for Robot Jobs:

See clearly with a 14-inch ultra-large 1080P full HD display for optimal robot-human interactions.  
See widely, with a 92% improvement in viewable area for robot workers to perceive their environment.
See newly with a redesigned high-tech UI for an enhanced robot job experience.

Precise and Rapid Voice Interaction for Robot Workers:

Powerful AI voice capability and 6 Mic array allow this robot worker to operate smoothly even in 75dB environmental noise.
AI voice recognition accuracy of up to 97% for precise robot job voice commands.

Pro Delivery Efficiency for Robot Workers:

All-round and accurate environmental perception enables higher delivery efficiency as a robot worker. Rapid and precise response when encountering tiny obstacles.

See Clearly, Walk Steadily as a Robot Worker:

High passability due to quasi-circular chassis design makes it an exceptional robot worker for various ground environments using Torsion Bar Suspension.
50% improved loading capacity as a robot worker.
Up to 15Kg single-layer capacity, adjustable up to 4 layers for heavy-duty robot jobs.
Modifiable trays for even higher carrying capacity as a versatile robot worker.

Large Capacity, Fast Charging for Continuous Robot Worker Productivity:

Up to 16 hours working time on a single charge for extended robot worker shifts.  
Full charge in 4.5 hours for swift robot worker resumption of duties.
Cable charging and automatic charging dock for convenient robot worker recharging.

Pro Promotion Ability as a Robot Worker:

Dynamic and realtime promotion capability as an advertisement robot worker.
Broadcasting ads, videos and pictures to attract customer attention in robot worker roles.
Full-perception and dynamic recognition to identify and welcome guests as a robot greeter worker.  

Pro Greeting and Leading Abilities as a Robot Worker Guide:

Voice command recognition allows this robot worker to intelligently guide customers wherever they need to go.
Android development supported to unleash limitless potential for robot worker applications.

Worry-Free After-Sales Support for Robot Workers:

One-year free training & tech support, 24/7 service for reliable robot worker performance.


General Parameters:

Overall Size: 558 mm × 525 mm × 1375 mm

Net Weight: 59 Kg

Color: Pearl white + Elegant black

Screen Size: 14-inch; 1080 FHD

Loading Capability:

Loading Space: 3 Trays / 4, Trays dimension 500 mm x 420 mm

Single Tray Load: Max 15 Kg

Total Load: Max 60 Kg

Mobility Metrics:

Cruising Speed: 0.5 ~ 1.2 m/s (adjustable)

Cruising Time: 12 H (typical cruising scene)

Charging Information:

Charging Time: 4.5 H (charge when turned off)

Charging Mode: Supports two modes: Automatic Charging Dock + Cable