Salary / price 13500 $
About the robot
Robot name GreetingBot Mini
Employment type Full-time employees
Load capacity
The speed of movement
Energy consumption
Working hours
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Relocatable robot

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$ 19999 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 19999 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 19999 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 19999 Transaction Price Open to relocation


GreetingBot Mini - Reception Robot.


AI Service Robot GreetingBot Mini - The Mighty Robot Greeter Worker.
GreetingBot Mini is a master robot worker for greeting and leading services. Its powerful voice function and large interactive screen are perfect for various reception robot jobs, while the compact body allows this flexible bot worker to cover a greater range of scenarios, providing customers an unparalleled robot service experience.

Languages Supported - 27+ for Global Robot Worker Deployment
Passable Width - 55 cm for Agile Robot Mobility
Customer Satisfaction - 97% with this Robot Greeter

Powerful Interactive Robot Worker Capabilities:
Specially developed voice and visual capabilities guarantee a first-class robot-human interactive experience. GreetingBot Mini detects people and proactively greets and engages them as a robot ambassador.

Reliable Robot Worker Passability:
With a minimum 55cm chassis diameter, this agile robot worker operates flexibly in small spaces.

Multi-Robot Cooperation for Seamless Workflow:
When multiple GreetingBot Minis intersect, intelligent priority numbering allows these robot workers to autonomously avoid collisions without human intervention.

Large 14-Inch HD Screen for Impactful Robot Interaction:
A High-End Visual Experience. GreetingBot Mini's impressive 14-inch ultra-high-definition screen displays more information clearly and attractively, setting this robot worker apart.

6-Mic Circular Array for Clear Robot Communication:
Fluent robot-to-human conversation, even in 75dB noise. 97%+ accuracy, with head rotation allowing this robot worker to face speakers.

HD Wide-Angle Dual Cameras for Enhanced Robot Perception:
A clearer, wider 13MP field of view and superior night vision allow this robot assistant to see better than normal cameras.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core CPU for Powerful Robot Performance:
Outstanding processing power - this is the world's first robot on the Qualcomm platform with industry-leading Android SOC performance as a robot worker.

Hi-Fi Subwoofer for an Immersive Robot Experience:

Shocking sound experience with 30W power and 5 audio modules, comparable to a home theater system on this robot greeter.

Advanced Robot Chassis for Automated Navigation:
Perfect maneuverability in small spaces. This robot's chassis combines lidar and depth cameras for accurate navigation and smart obstacle avoidance.

Self-Charging for Continuous Robot Duty Cycles:
Low battery? This robot worker automatically recharges when power drops below 10% for 24/7 operation.

Compact Size, Flexible Robot Workflows:
Promotion Mode - This mobile robot worker greets at fixed points or roams to attract customers with advertisements and voice interaction.
Leading Mode - With its small size and 55cm minimum passable width, this agile robot guide seamlessly leads customers to destinations while avoiding obstacles.

Develop Your Own Robot Worker Solutions:
GreetingBot Mini's open platform supports deep customization to add functions and adapt this versatile robot worker to more scenarios.

Overall Size: 410 mm × 410 mm × 1000 mm
Net Weight: 21 Kg
Screen Size: 14 - inch
Pixel Resolution: FHD (1920 × 1080)
Head Camera: 48M high-definition camera × 1, supports photo taking and video calling
Microphone Array: 6 microphone arrays, 360° sound source positioning
Audio System: With 30W superpower and 5 separate sound modules, brings Harman Kardon sound effects
Cruising Time: 12 H (typical cruising scene)
Charging Time: ≤4.5 H (charge when turned off)