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Robot name Sherpa Lite
Employment type Full-time employees
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Introducing Sherpa Lite, the latest addition to our lineup of cutting-edge Logistics Robots.Sherpa Lite offers all the benefits of its predecessor, the Sherpa Tug, but in a compact and versatile format designed to excel in a variety of application scenarios.With multiple variants available, including Lite, Lite Rollertop, and Lite Tugger, there's a Sherpa Lite model to suit every need.One of Sherpa Lite's standout features is its advanced 3D LiDAR technology, which enables variants like the Sherpa RollerTop to navigate seamlessly in highly dynamic environments without the need for aids or markers.This allows for smooth and efficient operation in busy warehouses and distribution centers, where conditions can change rapidly, making it an ideal solution for Logistics Robots.Another key feature of Sherpa Lite is its Precision Docking capability, which facilitates autonomous loading and off-loading using conveyors and trays.This ensures precise and efficient handling of goods, even in challenging floor conditions such as grated steel or chipped cement flooring commonly found in industrial settings, further enhancing its capabilities as a reliable industrial robot.Whether you choose the Lite, Lite Rollertop, or Lite Tugger variant, you can trust Sherpa Lite to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency as a robot assistant.Experience the future of logistics with Sherpa Lite - where compact design meets advanced technology to redefine the way goods are transported and handled by Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).


Introducing the Sherpa Lite, an innovative solution designed to optimize indoor material handling operations with unparalleled versatility and efficiency. This compact powerhouse seamlessly integrates with existing trolleys, offering effortless adaptability to diverse workflows.

With a tugging capacity of up to 200 kg and a top load capacity of 50 kg, the Sherpa Lite tackles various tasks with ease, from transporting goods to facilitating equipment movement. Its indoor-focused design ensures smooth operation within warehouse and manufacturing environments, enhancing productivity and minimizing manual labor.

Equipped with low friction deployment technology, the Sherpa Lite glides effortlessly across floors, ensuring seamless navigation even in confined spaces. Its infrastructure-agnostic nature eliminates the need for costly modifications, making integration a breeze in any facility.

Say goodbye to manual milk runs—the Sherpa Lite autonomously executes material transportation tasks, utilizing dynamic routing algorithms for optimal efficiency. With full-shift battery operation, it delivers consistent performance throughout the workday, maximizing uptime and productivity.

Customizable to suit specific workflow requirements, the Sherpa Lite adapts to your needs, offering tailored solutions for enhanced operational efficiency. In summary, the Sherpa Lite is not just a robot—it's a reliable partner in streamlining material handling processes, offering adaptability, autonomy, and efficiency to drive business success.

Sherpa Lite Specifications

Vehicle size 465 mm W x 700 mm L x 740 mm H

Ego weight ~ 75 kgs

Autonomy Level 4

Turning radius 0.5 m

Battery life 8 hours, Lithium Ion battery, swappable

Charging time 2 hours charging time

Maximum speed 1.5 m/s for shop-floor (indoor ops)

Breaking distance (typical) ~0.5 mts (at 1 m/s)

Gradient Up to 2%

Tires Solid rubber tires

Brakes Electrical braking

Sensors 3D LiDAR, Camera, IMU, Wheel Encoder

Software Updates OTA 

Operating Environment

Autonomy Safety ISO-3691-4 compliant

Floor Condition Smooth concrete, epoxy, tile, asphalt

Aisle Width >1m

Charger Bay Power: 230V AC, 15Amp socket
Charger Area: 1m x1m

Environment Temp - Humidity (5% - 90% non-condensing)

Wifi & VPN Indoor and within campus outdoor