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Product robot name: Shelf AMR Robot T6-1200/1500

Company: Mushiny Co.,Ltd.

Employment type: Full-time employees

Relocatable robot

Salary / Price: 1 $

*Payment terms, contracts, shipping/logistics, insurance details, etc. are provided upon request.

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The T6-1200/1500: Your Heavy-Duty Lifting Partner in Warehousing.

The T6-1200/1500 AMR Robot is a powerful robot worker designed to take on your toughest warehouse lifting jobs.This innovative AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) tackles demanding tasks, streamlining processes, and boosting productivity.

Unmatched Safety and Performance:

Experience top-of-the-line safety with the T6-1200/1500's advanced obstacle avoidance technology, anti-collision sensors, and sound and light alarms.Plus, its fireproof construction provides additional peace of mind.

Move even more materials quickly and precisely.The T6-1200/1500 boasts exceptional lifting speed and increased payload capacity compared to the T6-800, making effortless pod transport a breeze.Its modular design ensures long-lasting performance and simplifies maintenance for your technicians.

Right Speed for Optimal Teamwork:

Our AMRs can reach impressive speeds, but they typically operate at an ideal pace for collaboration with human workers (2-3 mph).

Proper timing and delivery take priority over breakneck speeds.

The #1 Ranked Heavy-Duty Logistics Robot:

The T6-1200/1500, alongside its T6-800 counterpart, reigns supreme in the warehouse robot market, especially for heavy-duty applications.Open protocols and scheduling capabilities guarantee seamless integration into diverse environments.The T6-1200/1500 adapts to various ground conditions and a wide range of temperatures, making it a versatile teammate in almost any warehouse.

Intelligence Built-In:

The T6-1200/1500 is powered by the R-WMS (Robotic Warehouse Management System) which optimizes performance, manages logistics, and provides traffic control.Upon task completion or low battery, the robot autonomously navigates to its charging station, ensuring minimal downtime.

Master of Pod Lifting and Transport:

The T6-1200/1500 excels at lifting and transporting pods – mobile shelving units loaded with products.With its increased payload capacity, it can handle heavier loads.Using a QR code reader, the robot identifies pod location and destination for accurate delivery, streamlining your warehouse workflow.

A Range of Powerful Features:

  • Increased payload capacity for heavy-duty tasks (compared to T6-800).
  • Modular design for easy maintenance.
  • Supports SLAM and QR code navigation.
  • High operating efficiency with speeds up to 2.5 mph.
  • Adaptable to various environments (-20°C to 65°C, customizable to -4°C to 149°C).
  • All-aluminum structure for strength and obstacle handling.
  • OTA function for remote upgrades, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • Multiple safety features, including fire-retardant materials and automotive-grade LFP battery.

Revolutionize Your Industry with the T6-1200/1500

The T6-1200/1500 is ideal for applications requiring extra lifting muscle, including:

  • E-commerce: Efficiently handle heavier products with tote or pod-to-person delivery.
  • 3PL (3rd Party Logistics): Reduce workload and increase worker capacity by up to 45%.
  • Manufacturing: Optimize production lines with heavy parts movement.

Ready to experience the future of logistics?

Contact us today to learn how the T6-1200/1500 Lifting AMR Robot can streamline your warehouse operations and boost your productivity.


Shelf AMR Robot T6-1200/1500.Product Parameters:

Dimensions: 1,160*860*245mm (45.67*33.86*9.65 in)
Empty load rotating  diameter: 1,160mm(45.67 in)
Lifting height: 60mm(2.36 in)
AMR weight: 220kg(485.02lb)
Maximum load: 1,200 kg/1,500 kg (2,645.55lb/3,306.93lb)
Maximum speed: 1.8m/s(4.03mph), SLAM  AMR 1.5m/s(3.36mph)
Straight-ahead tunnel  width (empty/full load): 980mm(38.58 in)/carrier +150mm(5.91 in)
Positioning accuracy: ±10mm(±0.39 in)
Communication method: WiFi 2.4G, WiFi 5G,Cellular 5G (optional), infrared (optional)
Navigation method: 2D code/SLAM + Inertial
Obstacle avoidance: Lidar obstacle avoidance
Safety: Traffic control, radar  obstacle avoidance,  safety edge
Charging method: Automatic/manual
Battery parameters: 48V54AH  Lithium Iron Phosphate
Fully charged time: 2h
Comprehensive battery life: 12h
Full charge/discharge cycle life: 80%DOD 2,000 times
Ground bearing  requirement (full load): 1,600kg/m²(327.71lb/ft²)
Climbing capacity (H/L): 3%
Others: The operating temperature can be customized  - 20 ℃ ~ 0 ℃(-4℉~32℉)

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