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Product robot name: Sortation AMR Robot F15*2/F15*2XL

Company: Mushiny Co.,Ltd.

Employment type: Full-time employees

Relocatable robot

Salary / Price: 1 $

*Payment terms, contracts, shipping/logistics, insurance details, etc. are provided upon request.

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The F15-2/F15-2XL: Your Super-Fast and Accurate Sorting Teammate

The Mushiny F15-2/F15-2XL Sortation AMR Robot is a game-changer for parcel sorting in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.This innovative robot worker tackles the job for robots of sorting efficiently and precisely, freeing up your human workforce for higher-value tasks.

Unmatched Speed and Accuracy:

Experience the thrill of lightning-fast sorting with the F15-2/F15-2XL.This robot sorts at high speeds (up to 2.0m/s empty or loaded!), ensuring exceptional efficiency in your sorting operations.

Double the Sorting Power (F15-2XL only):

The F15-2XL boasts a double roller design, allowing it to handle and sort two boxes simultaneously.

This feature makes it ideal for high-volume sorting applications.

Adaptable to Your Needs (F15-2 & F15-2XL):

Both F15-2 models offer high flexibility with single and double roller action support.This allows you to tailor the robot's work for your specific sorting requirements.

Built to Last:

The F15-2/F15-2XL features a highly optimized design with high-strength SMC material and four-wheel spring suspension.This combination ensures the robot can handle even demanding sorting tasks with ease, overcoming obstacles and supporting heavier loads.

Safety You Can Trust:

The F15-2/F15-2XL prioritizes safety in your work environment.This robot worker navigates autonomously without an on-board operator, ensuring a safe and efficient sorting process.

More Than Just a Machine:

The F15-2/F15-2XL Sortation AMR Robot is a reliable and hardworking teammate that can revolutionize your sorting operations.

Ready to experience the future of warehouse automation?

Contact us today to learn how the F15-2/F15-2XL Sortation AMR Robot can streamline your sorting process and boost your productivity.


Sortation AMR Robot F15*2/F15*2XL.Product Parameters:

Dimensions: 772*480*600~1,000mm(30.39*18.90*23.62~39.37 in)/ 970*630*600~1,000mm (38.19*24.80*23.62~39.37*in)
Empty load rotating  diameter: 900mm(35.40 in)/1,148mm(45.20 in)
Lifting height: N/A
AMR weight: 120kg(264.55lb)/136kg(299.83lb)
Maximum load: 15kg(33.07lb)*2 or 35kg(77.16lb)*1
Maximum speed: 2.0m/s(4.47mph)
Straight-ahead tunnel  width (empty/full load): 560mm(22.05 in)/740mm(29.13 in)
Positioning accuracy: ±10mm(±0.39 in)
Communication method: WiFi 2.4G, WiFi 5G,Cellular 5G (optional)
Navigation method: 2D code + Inertial
Obstacle avoidance: Laser + ultrasonic obstacle 
Safety: Traffic control, radar  obstacle avoidance,  safety edge
Charging method: Automatic/manual
Battery parameters: 48V16.5AH  Lithium Iron Phosphate
Fully charged time: 1.5h
Comprehensive battery life: 5h
Full charge/discharge cycle life: 80%DOD 2,000 times
Ground bearing  requirement (full load): 300kg/m²(61.45lb/ft²)
Climbing capacity (H/L): 5%

Applicable Scenarios and Industries:
E-commerce、3PL、Retail、Retail、3C、 Healthcare、Manufacturing Cold Chain

Robot for industry

Industrial Logistics Medical Military