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Product robot name: STAR Mobile Manipulator

Company: Shenzhen Han's Robot Co., Ltd

Employment type: Full-time employees

Relocatable robot

Salary / Price: 40000 $

*Payment terms, contracts, shipping/logistics, insurance details, etc. are provided upon request.

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Main bodyRobotE03 / E05

E03 / E05 /

E05-L / E10

E05-L / E10 /

E10-L / E15

E05-L / E10 /

E10-L / E15

Basic performanceDimensions (Elfin Not Included)700*500*630(mm)950*650*900(mm)1200*700*900(mm)1530*965*1300(mm)
  ActuationDifferential DriveDifferential DriveSteering WheelDifferential Drive
 Tray Lifting UnitCustomizable
Running performanceMAX Velocity1.5m/s1.5m/s1.1m/s1.5m/s
Navigation ModeLaser SLAM, Hybrid Navigation (Fusion Vision) (Optional)
Vision performanceVision (Standard Mode)Camera (Customizable)
Positioning Accuracy±0.5mm
SoftwareOperating SoftwareHan's Robot application software / Dispatching software (optional)
Development PlatformWindows/Linux
Endurance performanceBattery VoltageDC 48V
Running Time(with load)>6h>10h>12h>12h
Charging Time≤2hrs≤2hrs≤2hrsManual Charging≤2.5hrs
External InterfaceStandard Communication InterfaceTCP/IP, HTTP, SDK
Warranty12 Months

STAR Mobile Manipulator.
125Ah - Battery Capacity.
1.5m / s - MAX Velocity.
Automatic Lifting.
The internal materials are automatically lifting, which can maximize the use of body space, store more materials in a limited space, and reduce material transfer.
Stable Performance.
With independent development of core components, it shows the perfect combination of body and arm, and the performance is more stable.

Recommended Industries: Healthcare,  Logistics, 3C Products, Automotive Manufacturing, Metalworking.


STAR Mobile Manipulator.STAR mobile manipulator is an intelligent mobile robot, which combines the self-developed mechanical arm and mobile robot, vision system, gripper and other components to perform mobile operations to achieve functional applications such as grasping, handling, assembly, and detection of materials.According to the customer's on-site use environment, it can match the corresponding scheduling system for flexible scheduling and rapid deployment.The core units of the STAR are independently developed, with high cost performance and strong system scalability, which can connect to the customer's MES (or other systems) and provide rich solutions according to different needs of customers.It can serve the future intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0.It is mainly used in industries (such as electronics, metal products, auto parts, electricity, new energy, ships, aerospace), healthcare, family services, file management and other applications.

Robot for industry

Aerospace Agricultural Autonomous Mobile (AMRs) Construction Consumer Delivery Educational Robotics Entertainment Industrial Inspection Kitchen Automation Logistics Medical Military Security Service