Salary / price 1 $
About the robot
Robot name PuduBot 2 Universal Delivery Robot
Employment type Full-time employees
Load capacity
The speed of movement
Energy consumption
Working hours
The warranty period

Relocatable robot

*Payment terms, contracts, shipping/logistics, insurance details, etc. are provided upon request.

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Autonomous Mobile (AMRs) Delivery Service

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$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation



  • Model: PuduBot 2

Dimensions and Weight

  • Machine Dimensions (cm): 58 x 53.5 x 129 (22.83 x 21.06 x 50.79 inches)
  • Machine Weight (kg): 39 (85.98 pounds)

Capacity and Performance

  • Number of Trays (Default): 3
  • Maximum Number of Trays: 7
  • Tray Size (cm): 52 x 43.2 (20.47 x 17.01 inches)
  • Maximum Payload Capacity: 40 kg (88.18 pounds)
  • Battery Life (No Load): 12 hours
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Cruise Speed: 0.5 m/s ~ 1.2 m/s (1.64 ft/s ~ 3.94 ft/s)


  • Utilizes PUDU VSLAM+ technology (refer to separate document for details)

Obstacle Clearance

  • Minimum Path Clearance: 80 cm (31.50 inches)


  • Wire & Auto-charging


PuduBot 2: The All-Star Delivery Robot for Restaurants and Beyond.

Introducing the PuduBot 2, the next generation of intelligent delivery robots designed to revolutionize the way your business operates. Hire robot workers and empower your staff with this versatile and efficient assistant, specifically engineered to excel in the demanding environment of the catering industry.

Effortless Deployment and Seamless Navigation.

Built on a Strong Foundation: Leveraging the power of PUDU VSLAM+ technology, the PuduBot 2 offers marker-less deployment, reducing setup time by a staggering 75%. This innovative technology allows the robot to adapt to complex environments with high ceilings, reaching up to 30 meters.

Dual Lidar for Unmatched Precision: Equipped with dual LiDAR sensors, the PuduBot 2 boasts exceptional perception capabilities. It can navigate autonomously with confidence, sensing its surroundings in a full 360-degree view.

Industry-Leading Chassis System: The PuduBot 2 is built on a robust and stable chassis system, designed to handle uneven surfaces with ease. This translates to a 30% improvement in moving stability, ensuring smooth and reliable deliveries even on challenging terrain.

Unparalleled Adaptability and Functionality.

Conquer Diverse Scenarios: The PuduBot 2 is a master of adaptation. It can handle extra-large spaces, mapping areas up to a remarkable 40,000 square meters. Additionally, it thrives in semi-outdoor environments, offering exceptional mobility for broader application.

Multiple Delivery Modes for Optimal Efficiency: The PuduBot 2 caters to various delivery needs with its diverse selection of modes. Choose from Delivery Mode, Birthday Mode, Cruise Mode, and Dish Return Mode to find the perfect solution for each task.

Seamless Communication and Task Management: Effortlessly assign and manage tasks with the PuduBot 2. It supports Pudu Watch, Pudu Pager, and Pudu Link, allowing for intuitive communication and control with just a click.

Non-Stop Operation and Enhanced Safety.

Always Ready to Work: The PuduBot 2 boasts a high-performance LFP battery, delivering up to 24 hours of operation on a single 3-hour charge. This translates to a 6x improvement in battery life compared to traditional options, ensuring continuous operation throughout your busy service periods.

Safety First: The PuduBot 2 prioritizes safety with its fully enclosed machine design. This design minimizes potential hazards and fosters a safe working environment for both humans and robots.

Unleash Endless Possibilities.

PUDU OS: A Platform for Growth: The PuduBot 2 is powered by PUDU OS, an all-encompassing platform designed for endless possibilities. This platform facilitates third-party development, customization, and expansion, allowing you to tailor the robot to your specific needs.

Exceptional IoT Compatibility: The PuduBot 2 seamlessly integrates with a variety of IoT technologies. It supports Type-C, 4G, LoRa, and Wi-Fi connections, ensuring effortless integration into your existing infrastructure.

The PuduBot 2 is more than just a robot; it's a game-changer for the catering industry. Contact Pudu Robotics today and discover how this intelligent delivery robot can transform your business operations, empower your workforce, and elevate your customer experience.