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Product robot name: KettyBot Pro Flexible Multitasker

Company: Pudu Technology Inc.

Employment type: Full-time employees

Relocatable robot

Salary / Price: 1 $

*Payment terms, contracts, shipping/logistics, insurance details, etc. are provided upon request.

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Reimagine Hospitality with KettyBot Pro: The All-in-One Delivery & Reception Robot

Looking to elevate your customer experience and streamline operations? Look no further than KettyBot Pro, Pudu Robotics' innovative delivery and reception robot.

This versatile robot worker is more than just a delivery assistant – it's a marketing expert, customer greeter, and dedicated usher, all rolled into one.

Effortless Delivery & Enhanced Efficiency:

Smart Tray Detection: KettyBot Pro autonomously detects load status with 360° fisheye lenses, ensuring efficient deliveries and happy customers.

Compact Design, Big Results: KettyBot Pro's minimalist design and C-shaped body allow it to navigate even the most crowded environments, maneuvering through narrow spaces as small as 52 cm.

Multi-Table Delivery: Serve multiple tables with ease and optimize delivery routes, maximizing efficiency with every trip.

Engage & Impress Your Guests:

Marketing on Wheels: The built-in display lets you showcase customizable promotional materials, grabbing attention and boosting sales.

AI-Powered Greetings: KettyBot Pro uses AI voice interaction to greet and engage customers, adding a touch of charm and personality to your service.

Cruise Mode: Transform KettyBot Pro into a mobile snack and drink station, offering delightful surprises and promoting services as it navigates your space.

A Robot That Adapts to Your Needs:

Customizable for You: The PUDU Open Platform allows you to personalize KettyBot Pro's expressions, voice, and content, creating a unique brand experience.

Two Forms, One Robot: Choose between the removable rear cover for compact delivery or utilize the cover to transform KettyBot Pro into a dedicated usher, guiding customers to their tables.

Multiple Color Options: Select from Salt White, Samurai Black, or Beige Yellow to perfectly match your brand aesthetic.

Effortless Management & Uninterrupted Service:

Automatic Navigation & Obstacle Detection: Laser and visual navigation ensure safe and efficient operation, while the PUDU Scheduler system enables seamless communication with multiple robots.

Auto-Charging for Uninterrupted Service: KettyBot Pro alerts you when it needs a recharge and automatically returns to the docking station, ensuring continuous operation.

Hire KettyBot Pro today and experience the future of hospitality! This innovative robot worker will transform your business, boosting efficiency, enhancing the customer experience, and taking your brand to the next level.


The PUDU KettyBot Pro is a versatile robot worker designed to transform the hospitality industry.This document outlines its key technical specifications to help you understand its capabilities.

Compact Design, Big Performance:

  • Dimensions: Measuring 43.5 cm x 45 cm x 112 cm (17.13 in x 17.72 in x 44.09 in), KettyBot Pro navigates through narrow spaces and maneuvers around obstacles with ease.
  • Lightweight Maneuverability: At 38 kg (83.78 lbs), KettyBot Pro operates smoothly and efficiently without damaging floors.

Power and Operation:

  • Long-lasting Operation: The battery provides up to 9 hours of operation under no-load conditions, ensuring it can handle a full day's work.
  • Rapid Charging: KettyBot Pro can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Payload Capacity:

  • Multi-Layer Efficiency: KettyBot Pro features a 10 kg/layer (22.05 lbs/layer) loading capacity, allowing you to deliver multiple items in a single trip.

Movement and Navigation:

  • Adjustable Speed: The cruise speed can be adjusted to a maximum of 1.2 m/s (3.94 ft/s), enabling safe navigation in various environments.
  • Exceptional Clearance: With a minimum clearance of 52 cm (20.47 inches) in most situations, KettyBot Pro can navigate doorways and corridors without difficulty.

Engaging Customer Interaction:

  • 18.5-inch AD Display: This built-in display showcases promotional materials and captures customer attention, boosting sales opportunities.

Versatile Delivery System:

  • Smart Tray Detection: KettyBot Pro automatically detects the load status, optimizing delivery processes and preventing errors.
  • Adjustable Tray Heights: Each tray offers adjustable heights of 24.79 cm, 25.30 cm, or 22.30 cm (9.76 in, 9.96 in, or 8.78 in), accommodating a variety of delivery items.
  • Spacious Trays: Each tray measures 35.20 cm x 34.01 cm (13.86 in x 13.39 in), providing ample space for most deliveries.

Additional Features:

  • Automatic Recharging: KettyBot Pro automatically returns to the docking station when the battery is low, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Customizable Options: Personalize KettyBot Pro's expressions, voice, and content to match your brand identity.
  • Multiple Color Options: Choose from Salt White, Samurai Black, or Beige Yellow to complement your décor.

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