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Robot name PUDU SwiftBot Versatile Delivery Robot
Employment type Full-time employees
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$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

$ 1 Transaction Price Open to relocation

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The PUDU SwiftBot Versatile Delivery Robot is a powerful and adaptable solution for automating deliveries in various commercial settings.This document outlines its key technical specifications to help you understand its capabilities.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Compact Build: Measuring 48.8 cm x 59.3 cm x 128.8 cm (19.21 in x 23.35 in x 50.71 in), SwiftBot can navigate through doorways, hallways, and tight spaces with ease.
  • Weight Options: Choose between the Standard Version at 59 kg (130.07 lbs) or the lighter Doorless Version at 49 kg (108.03 lbs) to suit your specific needs.

Power and Operation:

  • Long-lasting Operation: The battery provides a lifespan of 9 hours under no-load conditions, ensuring sufficient power for a full workday's deliveries.
  • Fast Charging: SwiftBot can be fully charged in just 4.5 hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Payload Capacity:

  • Impressive Carrying Power: SwiftBot boasts a maximum payload capacity of 35 kg (77.16 lbs), allowing it to transport a significant amount of goods in a single trip.

Movement and Navigation:

  • Adjustable Speed: The cruise speed can be adjusted between 0.5 m/s and 1.2 m/s (1.64 ft/s and 3.94 ft/s), enabling SwiftBot to navigate safely and efficiently in diverse environments.
  • Minimal Clearance Required: With a minimum path clearance of 80 cm (31.50 inches), SwiftBot can maneuver through most doorways and corridors without difficulty.

Compartmentalized Delivery:

  • Versatile Tray System: The default configuration includes 3 trays, but this can be adjusted based on your needs.
  • Adjustable Tray Heights: Each tray offers adjustable heights of 22.78 cm, 22.89 cm, or 23.60 cm (8.97 in, 9.01 in, or 9.29 in), providing flexibility for various delivery items.
  • Spacious Trays: Each tray measures 50.19 cm x 43.28 cm (19.76 in x 17.04 in), offering ample space for a variety of deliveries.


Revolutionize Your Business with SwiftBot: The Intelligent Delivery Robot

Tired of inefficient deliveries hindering your productivity? Look no further than SwiftBot, the future of robot workers. This groundbreaking commercial delivery robot from Pudu redefines the human-robot relationship, offering unparalleled intelligence, security, and versatility for businesses like yours.

Unmatched Safety and Navigation:

SwiftBot boasts industry-leading collision sensing technology, allowing it to navigate even the busiest environments with ease. Free your staff from repetitive delivery tasks and let SwiftBot handle them safely and efficiently.

Omnidirectional Perception: Advanced sensors provide a 360-degree view, ensuring safe and secure deliveries.

Initiative Make-way for Pedestrians: Boost efficiency during peak hours. SwiftBot intelligently detects and yields to people, preventing congestion and delays.

The 5-S Delivery Expert:

Swift: Reduce human-robot traffic jams by 50% and increase machine running speed by 30% in restaurants.

Stable: Hybrid technology featuring auto-level suspension and a stabilization algorithm enhances delivery stability by 20%.

Safe: Human detection technology prioritizes the safety of vulnerable groups like children and the elderly.

Smart: Multimodal interaction ensures a seamless and intuitive experience for your customers.

Sociable: SwiftBot's courteous and friendly demeanor fosters a positive human-robot connection.

Beyond Delivery:

SwiftBot goes beyond just deliveries. It offers a range of features to enhance your business operations:

Automatic Electric Door: Ensures safety, hygiene, and privacy.

Innovative Projection Interaction: Engage with customers in a fun and interactive way.

IoT Functionality: Supports various connectivity options for seamless integration.

Unimpeded In-building Delivery: SwiftBot can navigate elevators and E-gates autonomously.

Multiple Serving Modes: From food delivery to guiding and interaction, SwiftBot adapts to your needs.

Mission at-1-Call: Flexible robot calling and task assignment through PUDU Link App, Pager, or 4G Watch.

Automatic Charging: SwiftBot intelligently recharges itself for 24/7 operation.

Two Models: Choose the Standard model or the Doorless model to perfectly suit your business needs.

Hire SwiftBot today and experience the future of intelligent delivery! SwiftBot is more than just a robot worker; it's an investment in a future of efficient, safe, and customer-centric operations.