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Product robot name: PuduBot Intelligent Delivery Robot

Company: Pudu Technology Inc.

Employment type: Full-time employees

Relocatable robot

Salary / Price: 1 $

*Payment terms, contracts, shipping/logistics, insurance details, etc. are provided upon request.

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PuduBot: The Intelligent Delivery Robot That Transforms Businesses.

Looking for a robot worker to elevate your deliveries?Look no further than PuduBot, the innovative solution for efficient and reliable service. Hire a robot that seamlessly integrates into your operations, taking on the repetitive task of deliveries while you focus on what matters most.

Unmatched Navigation.

PuduBot boasts the latest VSLAM solution, ensuring precise positioning and smooth operation in any environment. Work for the robot is a breeze with PuduBot's advanced obstacle avoidance system.Its 3D technology delivers faster perception and safer navigation, keeping your deliveries on track.

Versatility at its Finest.

PuduBot adapts to your needs with its adjustable 3-tier metal tray system, offering ample space for diverse deliveries.The interactive light strip provides clear communication, while the high-fidelity audio system ensures clear announcements and notifications.

Innovation That Shines.

PuduBot isn't just about function; it's about cutting-edge technology.

The new generation anti-sunlight LiDAR guarantees safe operation in any lighting condition, while the upgraded visual positioning system offers unparalleled precision.An all-aluminum frame provides exceptional stability, while the new 3D vision sensors further enhance safety.

Effortless Efficiency.

PuduBot tackles uneven terrain with ease thanks to its innovative suspension system.The flexible dish cover allows for modular design and easy installation, promoting contactless delivery for a more hygienic experience.

Smarter Than Ever.

PUDU SLAM integrates Lidar, camera, and multiple sensors, enabling PuduBot to navigate complex environments with superior efficiency.The addition of multiple visual sensors takes environmental perception to a whole new level, upgrading from 2D plane recognition to comprehensive 3D detection.

Unparalleled Network and Support.

Pudu Scheduler fosters seamless communication between robots, optimizing task distribution and decision-making.The Pudu Cloud platform provides robust cloud intelligence and support, empowering PuduBots to deliver exceptional service.

Upgrade your business today with PuduBot, the intelligent delivery robot that redefines efficiency.



  • Length x Width x Height: 51.6 cm x 50 cm x 128.8 cm (20.31" x 19.69" x 50.71")


  • Robot Weight: 35 kg (77.16 lbs)


  • Machine Material: ABS / Aviation-grade aluminum alloy


  • Charging Time: 4 hours

Battery Life:

  • Up to 10 hours (no load)


  • Adjustable Cruise Speed: 0.5 - 1.2 m/s (1.64 - 3.94 ft/s)


  • Max Load Capacity: 30 kg (66.14 lbs)
  • Individual Tray Capacity: 13 kg/tray (28.66 lbs/tray)


  • Material: Plexiglass / Magnesium Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 8 kg (17.64 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 42.2 cm x 42.2 cm x 71 cm (16.61" x 16.61" x 27.95")

Door-opening Control:

  • Magnetic switch


  • Dimensions: 50.01 cm x 43.18 cm (19.69" x 17.00")

Robot for industry

Autonomous Mobile (AMRs) Delivery Household Kitchen Automation Service